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Illinois IDOC Stateville penitentiary inmate search documentary

The Stateville penitentiary is a correctional facility which is also referred to as the Stateville prison and Stateville Correctional Center. It is situated in the state of Illinois (United States of America) and is 1 of the 50 facilities operated by the Illinois Department of corrections (IDOC). It begin to be operational in 1925 and 85 years later it firmly proved that it can be a life threatening imprisoning facility and is definitely not a design which any Illinoisan should be forced to venture. But there're many day to day events that can conclude to penal servitude inside the The Stateville penitentiary which expand on a surface of 2,200 acres of which 64 acres are circled by a 33-foot concrete perimeter with 10 wall towers. Still, there're aplenty of Illinois civilians who disapprove the odds-on chance of now or forever ending up (3 km) north of Joliet Illinois or inside the Stateville penitentiary, to be more precise 16830 IL RT53 Crest Hill, IL 60403.

Although the Stateville penitentiary is a level 1 facility (the most dangerous out of the 8 security level categorizations) which is meant to rehabilitate individuals just like any other prisons and jails, there’s many obstacles inside the Stateville penitentiary which renders the rehabilitation process as almost virtually impossible.

The first obstruction come from the number of inmates imprisoned inside the complex. The Stateville penitentiary was constructed to be able to confine 1506 convicts and today there’re over 3500 convicts roaming inside the Stateville penitentiary. This elevation in the felon population is not parallel to the number of guards assigned to supervise these stone-cold inmates. Hence the daily ratio inside the Stateville penitentiary’s panopticon is recorded to be at 15:300.

The second obstruction is the fact which it cost the Illinois department of corrections (IDOC) over 32 000 per year to maintain each of these criminals within the Stateville penitentiary. The augmentation within the inmate population means that the IDOC needs to spend more than twice as much money every year. Hence this leads to major cutbacks from other sectors within the state of Illinois and rehabilitation programs for the Stateville penitentiary.

The third and most important obstruction comes from the types of criminals that are coexisting 24 hours a day within the Stateville penitentiary. A manifold of these felons are serving a minimum of 20 years for their past actions. Over 60% of them are incarcerated for killing another Illinoisan individual and another 20% are confined since they’ve been charged for rapes and resembling violent wrongdoings. 

Thanks to British philosopher and prison reformer Jeremy Bentham, certain areas of the Stateville penitentiary resemble the panopticon geometric figure. This is a huge advantage for the guards since this layout enables them to have a 360 degree view of all the inmates inside the Stateville penitentiary from a single central monitoring booth. Additionally some armed guards are placed in key locations meters above the cell of all the inmates for a perfect vantage point. All of these strategic layouts are the result from rough past of the Stateville penitentiary.

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