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Easy to Be Multilingual

 Not a big deal, you would say. Yet if to have a deeper insight to the problem, ignorance of languages simply reduces chances to achieve success in life. In terms of communication on the Internet, traveling and business, the one is quite helpless without at least basic level of some foreign language knowledge.

If you are English native speaker, it is easy to make yourself familiar to almost 10 languages, since English has undergone influence from many cultures, thus 60% of its vocabulary is made up of foreign words. You will be impressed with the number of similarities between the English and many European languages. So, if you have always wanted to enrich your knowledge with one more language, here is the list of 5 easiest languages to learn for an English speaker.

  1. You have been always allured by France, its charm and unbelievable scents? Despite huge distance between countries, English has borrowed many words from French vocabulary, therefore in terms of lexicon, this language is one of the easiest to learn for English speakers
  2. Temperamental Spain has won many travelers’ hearts. So did the Spanish language.  It is simple in spelling as well as in pronunciation, since words are written as you hear them. In addition, Spanish is one of the international languages, taking the third place in the world in the amount of speakers. So, place it among the first ones in the list of “must - learn” languages
  3. All roads lead to Rome. Villa, novel, scenario, picturesque, studio… In the English language words coming from Italian are numerous. Italian is easy to reproduce even from the first time since its words are easy to read. With 21 letters in its alphabet, Italian is even simpler than English. So, why not master this language?
  4. Although Sweden seems to be another world for English speakers, its language has much in common with English. Sentence structure almost doesn’t not differ from that of the English language.  Alphabet has only 4 extra letters, which will be new for English speakers. All the rest is easy to comprehend and learn
  5. Dutch may not be the leader among languages in terms of speakers, but it is simple for English people to master. Sentence structure and vocabulary are as easy as ABC, whereas pronunciation may become a discovery for an English speaker. Still, this peculiarity does not make the language for English native speakers complicated to learn (By the way, here you may find some really interesting educational blog, posts. See if you're interested.)

Learning languages is an exciting occupation that broadens outlook and opens up new vistas in life. Don’t miss a chance to success. Learn languages, be smart. 

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