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Why Cats Make Great Pets

Selecting a cat as a pet can be an almost instant upgrade in the quality of life for any human, simply because the diversity of cat personalities makes each animal a unique being. Regardless of whether a person is a first time cat owner or an individual experienced in feline behavior it makes no difference – each and every cat possesses it’s own unique outlook on the universe.  It is for this very reason that the relationship that inevitably grows between cat and human is special, one that is formed on the basis of trust and and affection rather than that of need and dependency.

Cats are capable of tremendous affection and the ability to present amazing intellect and compassion toward their human friend in their greatest time of need. Because of this emotional bond a cat can rise far above other animal species in gaining the respect and admiration of the humans they live with, literally becoming not just  just a pet but a confidant and valued friend. Much like any other endeavor in life in which something of great quality is hoped to be created, a relationship with a cat is work but the eventual payoff is priceless in the quality of the dividends.

From a practical standpoint cats make wonderful pets because of their independence and limited need for constant care. Cats are extraordinarily clean not only in terms of their personal hygiene,  but are more than willing to pitch in to keep their living space free of rodents and insects of all types. In many instances a new cat will toilet train themselves once they know the location of the litter box, and most cats adapt to new surroundings without issue.

In the area of feeding and exercise cats are among the easiest pets to care for as little effort is required on the part of their human. Cats tend to find a particular brand of cat food that they favor almost exclusively, and once this is discovered most diet issues are instantly resolved. Exercise and play with a cat can be both fun and cheap in terms of expense, and even homemade toys such as shoelaces and ping pong balls can keep a cat healthy and happy. In households that have more than one pet a cat will often make it’s own play session with it’s other animal friend at times when a human is unavailable.

Above all else a cat makes a great pet because it is a feeling and affectionate creature capable of both giving and receiving love unconditionally – something we humans often forget how to initiate and master.

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