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Questions to ask before buying an antique car

The decision to purchase an antique car is a big one and should not be taken lightly, but by knowing the right questions to ask when buying an antique car a prospective buyer can be afforded a bit of peace of mind when making what is usually a large investment. Antiques cars by nature have tons of associated problems simply because of their age and cost, and the old adage "buyer beware" has never had a more significant meaning than when applied to purchasing an antique car. While there are many ways the true value of an antique car can be reduced by minor flaws, these can be in part determined by presenting the seller with sound questions when buying an antique car. The questions asked can quickly tell if a car is overpriced, damaged, or is in need of major repairs that would make the possible purchase a foolish move.

The proper questions to ask when buying an antique car begin with covering the basics - any accidents, or previous flood or fire damage? The seller's answers will set the tone for the negotiation by their truthfulness or deceit. To a "car person" the answer to these questions is already known by a quick visual inspection of the car, unless the damage was so minor as to be unnoticed. Next, ask if there are any liens on the antique car, ask for the car history report and how many previous owners the car has had. Ask if the engine and chassis are original to the car, because if not the value of the car is lowered instantly. A good way to check this is to see if the vehicle identification numbers on the car's engine and chassis match. It is always a good question to ask for the car's service records because it can be quickly determined if the car has been cared for properly and by competent professionals.

Finally, perhaps the best question to ask when buying an antique car is to find out if the seller has a problem with you having the car appraised. It's a good bet that if they do they are not being truthful or have something they have not stated purposely. If the seller objects to an appraisal it's time to forget the purchase. If the seller agrees to an appraisal and all checks out and you decide to purchase the antique car, don't forget to ask if they have any spare parts for the vehicle. Parts for antique cars can be outrageously expensive and tough to find, and a box of spare parts can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the antique car.

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