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How to remove rust from a car

A new car begins to depreciate in value the minute it's owner drives it from the car dealership, but by using the knowledge of how to remove rust from a car the vehicle's value can be maintained once the new begins to wear off. Eventually all cars are affected by some small rust spots, as minor scratches and dings become more and more rusty with each season of wet weather while exposed to the elements. Left unchecked these rust spots can grow quickly and can progress beyond being repaired, and may need the impacted part replaced. In simple terms to remove rust from a car is to make it more attractive, and a more attractive car has a much greater resale value than one that appears damaged.

The first step to remove rust from a car is to assess the damage visually before attempting any corrective measures. Minor to moderate rust damage is very fixable, while severe rust damage that has eaten entirely through the metal may require a part replacement or the skills of a professional body repair person. The extent of the damage can be determined by taking a sharp object such as a knife point and scratching the rust to see how deeply it has destroyed your car's metal. If the rust is only near the surface and there is still some solid metal underneath, you can remove the rust from a car and make the vehicle look new again with a moderate amount of effort.

To remove rust from a car first take newspaper and masking tape and cover the car surrounding the rust spot to prevent any damage that may occur while you are working. Make certain to use safety gear such as goggles and a dust mask or respirator while repairing the rust. Take a grinder with a medium sanding wheel and remove the rust until you reach bare metal, and then use a fine sanding pad to make the surface as smooth as possible. The area can then be wiped clean and body filler applied lightly to fill and indentation. After the body filler has dried it can be hand sanded carefully to make a perfectly smooth surface.

Now that the rust has been removed from the car it can be painted. Apply several light coats of primer sanding lightly between coats, and then carefully paint the area with an automotive paint of the correct color. After the paint has been allowed to harden, buff the entire area using an electric buffer then wash and wax the car and it should look new again.

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