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How to get your car ready for summer

In the warm weather most people can't wait to get out and about and shake off the hibernation of winter, and when you get your car ready for the summer you can make certain that your vehicle is up to meeting the challenge of fun and sun. An average car gets a great deal more use in the summer months and a car owner spends much more time traveling about to recreate in diverse activities. By taking the time to get your car ready for summer you can make certain that your car will not leave you stranded watching the fun from the sidelines as the precious days of beautiful weather dwindle away. Taking extra good care of your car in the spring is also not only a smart move, but necessary to keep up with regular maintenance aspects of car ownership that may have been left to slide over the cold weather.

The first step to get your car ready for summer is to take the appropriate measures to ensure that your vehicle is in good operating condition. Nothing is worse than a breakdown on a jammed freeway on a 90 degree day or when a highly anticipated social event is looming, and in large part these issues can be avoided with a little preventative medicine for your car. Get your car ready for summer by making certain that all of the essential fluid levels are topped off or changed, and a tune up is a good idea. Check your car's tires for excessive wear and replace them when they begin to look a bit tattered, and if you had heavy winter tires on the car change them over to ones more suited for warm weather driving. Perform a brief inspection of your car's engine - it doesn't take a mechanic, just look for loose or worn belts, wiring and hoses and replace them if you have the ability or take your car to a professional if you do not.

Finally, you can get your car ready for the summer by making it a place that you don't mind hanging out in as much as possible. This means that your car needs cleaned both inside and out not just once but on an as-needed basis throughout the summer months. One of the most overlooked aspects of how to get your car ready for the summer is that most people tend to forget to clean their car trunk. Items that were once useful in the winter need to be removed and replaced with items that are meant for summer. Extra engine coolant, motor oil and windshield washer fluid are an absolute must, and don;t forget to leave space for recreational items in your trunk when you get your car ready for summer.

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