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The Viral Trump Letter

Dear Mr. President,

I'd like to start by telling you a bit about me. I am, in many ways, the average American. I"m a 40 something man. I own a moderately succesful gas station. i have 4 children who I'm raising as a single father. I am as solidly lower middle class as as one could be. I live in a small twon in the midwest. I am, in short, a pretty good representation of who elected you to your current job.

And make no mistake. I did elect you. Me and others like me. Average Americans who were just plain fed up with what they call the status quo over there in D.C. I am not a republican. Nor am I a democrat. I have, over the course of my life, voted for Clinton. Bush, Obama, and for you. When I vote, I vote for the person I think will best serve our country at the time. The person I believe will do the most to to bring about the world I want my kids to grow up in.

I have had misgivings with every election, both leading up to and looking back. Clinton was a pig, and his wife is, in my eyes, the definition of corruption. Bush made some terrible choices. Obama was ineffective. And you.... you scared me. I want you to understand why I did vote for you, because I think it matters very much in the midst of the firestorm that seems to have engulfed all of you over there at the moment. I had no delusions about your moral character. You're a real estate mogul who blasts immigration while marrying one mail order bride after another. You're a clear racist. You're as much of a pig as clinton was, if not more. We all heard you tell the whole world about how you can just grab wwomen by.... we all remember how that one ends.

But the simple truth is that we no longer live in a moral world. The office of the president used to mean more, but I think that's now a memory. And that's not on you. We can go on back to Bill for that cliff the office dove off of. so make no mistake.... I didn't vote for you because you're a good man. You are not. I voted for you because I thought you were the best man for the job. I thought that in this world, you were what our nation needed.

But as I look around today, Don, it's awfully hard to hold on to that belef. You seem to have gone completely off the rails here. Syria. This whole impeachment thing. Half of your white house is parading up to the capitol, and they're not painting a pretty picture here, don. But it's kind of hard to figure out exactly what"s happening. You've got the liberal media telling us you're the devil, and the conservative media telling us you're a saint. And I get it. Anyone who gets their "news" from CNN or Fox is an idiot. They aren't news stations. They're entertainment, there to cater to a particular audience and make money. There may be a few honest ones out there, but its a damn small number.

So anyway, I've spent the last week digging for my own damn truth. The internet is a pretty amazing thing.... I'm not sure we spend enough time being aware of just what an incredible tool it is. And after a week, I'm finding nothing but questions. And more questions. And wondering why in the hell more people arent't asking them. It's kind of pathetic. Americans have become a bunch of damn sheep, and no one seems to be willing to think for themselves. People pick a pet belief and base their entire belief system on a bunch of talking heads. Wanna keep your guns? Congrats, you're a republican. Your god is now Sean Hannity. He will tell you everything you believe, and you will follow his preachinings and rants religiously. And if you're pro abortion, you now worship at the first liberal church of MSNBC! You hate the president and will forever more sit on the edge of your seat and wait for Wolf Blitzer to drop breaking news on you every time the president farts.

So now, I have searched. Owning a gas station, I talk to a large number of people every day. I actually get a very good idea of how society is feeling at any given time. Not from polls and whatever ridiculous other methods you guys use, but from the mouths and faces of people who will decide weather you stay or go next year. And I can tell you, Don, we have questions. What's happening out there now.... it's too much for us to ignore. And it isn't just me.

You won't win in 2020 if things don't change. We could all live with some of the things you said and did, Don. But this is all too much. We need answers. And I'm old fashioned. When I have questions, I ask. Now, I can't just call the old White House and ask for you, can I? So I'm writing you a letter. Who knows? Maybe if I post it on Facebook people will share it and it will find it's way to you. I hope it does, Don, because I still have a sliver of hope here. Hope that you'll see what you're doing. You have been reading and reacting your whole life. It shows. You are the consumate salesman. You say and do what needs to be done, and you spend far too little time thinking about the consequences. But.... you're the most powerful man in the world. You need to start. And if this does find it's way to you, Don.... answer. Put something on Twitter that matters in a positive way. You will not win my state next year if we don't get answers, and you will not win period without us. So now.... my questions.

1. Collusion. My god, has this word been beaten to death since we elected you. But if there's one thing I promise you every person in America knows now.... it's that other countries have no business being involved with our elections. And you're running around asking everyone in the damn world to do it! England. Italy. Even Australia! You do it on TV! We all read the damn transcript. The Ukranian president said "we need our assistance". You said "I would like you to do us a favor, though." THOUGH. Sometimes I think you believe we're all stupid, Don. You may not have said "Here is a quid pro quo, Ukranian persident". But the man asked for help, and you said you'll need to do this first. That's literally the damn definition of the damn term, Don. And for the love of God, stop with the whole B.S. line about rooting out corruption in Ukraine! We've all heard about how much corruption is going on over there. How come the ONLY example you seem to care about just happens to be the guy running against you?? Do I think there's something to the thing? I have no idea. Do I think Biden's kid got that job in Ukraine because his dad was V.P.? To use a word you seem to have made acceptable now.... no shit. But come on. Look at your damn kids! How is what Biden's kid did any different from what your kids are doing?? And your kids have actual governmental policy making positions! You don't care about corruption in Ukraine, you care about Joe Biden. Your daughter is pimping her brand all over China... Our economic enemy..... and making a fortune!

I hate to say it, but it's time to stop lying. We all know what the hell you did. You weren't hunting corruption. You couldn't care less about corruption. Your people are all telling on you here. And you know it.... because ove the last few days, youve started changing the narrative. What was a mantra of "no quid pro quo" has evolved into "there was, but it's ok".

It's not ok, Don. You've said so yourself.

2. Russia. What the hell is going on with you and Putin? I can't stand Nancy Pelosi, but damn, man. When she says "all roads lead to Russia".... it's getting really hard to argue with her. Have you made a decision since 2016 that didn't benefit them?

I had more, but as I'm thinking about it.... if you see this, asking you won't get me answers. If I want answers, I have to think like you. So what I'm going to say is this. You can't win re-election this way. when Obama ran, he won on anti Bush sentiment. You won on anti Obama sentiment. I promise you, it doesn't matter who the Dems run. They will win. It doesn't matter if I ran. I would win, and I would do it on anti Trump sentiment. Because you're blowing it. You've been running the White House like a mob boss. Same way you run your business. what you need to do is (and I know this will eat at you, but you're gonna have to suck it up) learn from Bill Clinton. He did three things that saved his can. One, he admitted he was wrong. Man, did that bastard apologize. He realized he was gonna have to reach across the aisle. And he got better.

Pull your head out of your ass, Mr. President. The House is going to impeach you, and they should. You're breaking rules like it's going out of style. You're running around trying to plug leaks like a madman. Because in today's world.... there are no secrets. I knew it was bad the moment you guys released the partial transcript of that damn phone call. All I could think.... "My God. If this is what you're offering up to us to get ahead of this.... what the hell is coming behind?" It's all coming out, Don. Rudy is a lunatic. You really think he's not gonna roll over on you? The ukranian guy is working with the impeachment crew now. And these democrats.... You've given them balls. I know you don't think it's coming, but it is. There will come a tipping point when even your staunchest supporters over there will run. The rats will leave the ship. Southern didtrict has your number here. if you don't win next year, you might very well end up being your old lawyer's cellmate. And soon. So the way I see it, you have two choices. You can either stay the villian.... or become the hero.

But Don.... the mob boss never ends up being the hero. You can't let the world be spoon fed your sins by the democrats. For once.... honesty is your ally. You tell us what we all already know. We elected a dirtbag. You tried to run the country the way you did your business. And it failed. But your whole life.... you've adapted and overcome. You have to learn. Look in the mirror and realize who you are. You're the Goddamn president of the United States. You are literally in a position to save the world. Put it all out there. The Dems are going to impeach you. The Senate is not. YOU forced this. You decided the law doesn't apply to you. You didn't give them a choice! You have a year, My friend. You're the greatest businessman the world has ever known you say. Show it. All we've seen from you to date is bullying those you feel are below us and holding the nuts of the bad guys. Fix Syria. Stop being Putin's bitch. find some humility. Start telling the truth. When you've got this many people telling you you're blowing it.... YOUR OWN people.... stop and listen. Be you. It's why we elected you. But start listening to the voices of reason. Stop acting like A Don, and be The Don. This is America. Instead of being the guy who pulled a sinking ship down the rest of the way, be the Man who saved it. You're not a king. The President is a public servant. It's too late to be the savior you thought you were. Your only chance here is to be a redemption story. And my God, what a story that would be. A corrupt bastard becomes president. Almost runs America into the ground. But then... he sees the light. And saves the world. I want you to save the world, Don. I want you to be the great man you think you are. But the only way that happens is if you become great. Because right now.... you're only a great disappointment.

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