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Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

Many accidents that happen and then shocking the public but can not be disclosed or explained by common sense.World save a lot ofA  Unsolved Mysteries for us.Many people linking the incident with something that sounds mystical. But still, all these things remains a mystery until now. Here are the Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of the World .

 Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

1.The Amityville House
    Did you ever watch Amityville House movie? The movie of the novel written by George and Kathy Lutz.It is a very creepy horror movie. Did you know that the movie is a true story ? Many people believed that the authors are the couple who experienced the incident.The story of the haunted house was revealed in 1975 when the couple moved into a house in Amityville, New York. This new couple did not know that at 13 years ago in this house, dreadful massacre ever happened. Son of the homeowner shot and killed all his family (total 6 person).When arrested, he confessed he killed all his family because of a buzzing sound in his head told him to do it.

    But strangely, the six victims were found face down in their beds. They seem to sleep calmly, there is no sign that they were previously taking tranquilizers. This is indeed a strange mystery. While the murderer, Ronald DeFeo stayed in jail until the end of his life.

    Back to the matter of the new family that moved into the house of horror. During 28 days there, a lot of mysterious and terrible things experienced by these couples. Not just about the stench, or noise, but also physical attacks that they didn’t know who was responsible. In fact, one of the family member seeing visions of sinister figure with glowing red eyes. Kathy discovered a small room, the dog did not want to get closer to there. Strange isn’t it?

SHC Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

    2.Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)

This extraordinary accident which until now could not be explained by common sense. Mary Reeser, born in 1881, found almost all over her body burned in a fire in her own house, Florida in 1951. But strangely, despite all of her body burned, her left leg was still smooth. Of course, this is impossible.

Even more oddly, it seems the fire only after the body of Mary Reseer. The room where the incident occurred, is still intact. In fact, it is estimated that the room temperature is equal to the temperature of the cremation. The room supposed to go on fire with such a high temperature. The FBI has come to investigate and so did the forensic team. But no one can explain the incident.

“I find it hard to believe. How come a human body which was burned with high temperature, could leave a smooth legs without any scratch. What actually happened on the night of July 1, 1951 that? Its really a mystery. This entire room should have in flames. This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. I feel like living in medieval times, where people talk a lot about witchcraft and black magic,says Professor Krogman of the University of Pennsylvaniaa??s School of Medicine.He admitted that he couldn’t explain this mystery.


mothman Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

3.The Mothman

Mothman is one of the very well known urban legend in the area of Virginia. Mothman is described has a wing and human-high, red-eyed, sometimes appear without any heads and red eyes in the chest. First discovered in the area of burial ground in Virginia in 1926. Until today, the police are still receiving reports about the emergence of Mothman. What is it? No one knows. There is no reports of attacks by the Mothman until now.

jack the ripper Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

4.Jack The Ripper

Famous as a mysterious killer in the year 1888, the identity of Jack The Ripper until this day is never revealed. The victim is a prostitute who was murdered by a genius and perfect way of mutilation, making the cops think Jack is a surgeon. Despite numerous books, films, and theories published, the identity of Jack the Ripper remains a mysterious and yet none could explain who is Jack from the evidence.

At the time the case came up, actually the name of Jack the Ripper did not even exist. But media and police received many letters. Somebody tried to give suggestions, anyone tries to tell the identity of the perpetrator and so forth. Until one day a letter came from someone who admitted as the murderer of all series of the sadistic murders. At the end of the letter, written the name “Jack The Ripper”.

At first, this letter was not noticed by the police because a lot of the same letter like that. But soon, came a letter from someone else who is considered the same (because the writing style, writing and so forth) and below also written the name of Jack The Ripper. Since then, the police and the community, calling the murderer of the case under the name Jack the Ripper. One of the sentence in the letter is “They say Im a doctora?¦ hahahaha.. a?.

One of the victims of Jack was Catherine Eddowes, 46. She also found dead in a bloody state. There were strangulation marks on her neck, her body cut open from chest to groin and stomach contents spilled out. Not to miss her womb also cut and removed, his face destroyed by skinned, her right eyelid had been pried, nose and ear was almost severed. The death toll approximately 30 minutes before founded.

At the scene, police found a shawl / scarf that covered the victims blood and there were chalk writing on the wall which reads:
The Juwes are The men That Will not be Blamed For nothing ” (Jews are those who can not be blamed for no reason). This is where the police can conclude, that a Jew who is behind this legendary serial murder case.

jimmy hoffa Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

5. The Missing of Jimmy Hoffa

Known as the Labour leader of Americas most influential people in the year 1950a??1960, Jimmy Hoffa is a figure that has rebuild the world of American labor. July 30, 1975, Hoffa disappeared from the parking lot of Detroit and never found again. One theory is believed Hoffa was murdered by Jack Anthony Giacalone, a gang leader in New Jersey. Hoffa’s body rumored to be buried under the foundations of the stadium the Giants, Detroit. Excavations has been carried out in this location, but never found the body of Hoffa.


1 Babushka Lady Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

6. The Woman with Babushka

If you ever watched a recording assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, note in the right corner of the tape. There was a woman wearing the veil babushka (scarf made in Russia) who appeared to record the incident. The woman was believed to be the people who have an important role in uncovering cases of assassination of John F. Kennedy because he was in a position very close to the victim when the incident occurred. In the tape, see the woman holding the camera, and record the event.

Surprisingly, the woman could not be found . The FBI has asked her to hand over the tape to help the FBI find the murderer President of America. But the woman never showed up. Who is she? How she could stand so close to the car the President? Nobody knows until this day.

shagh Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

7. Shag Harbour Accident

Is a mysterious explosion incident that occurred at Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, October 4, 1967. An object hit the Shag Harbour at 11:20 that night, causing a great explosion. There were no fatalities. The witnesses saw the object as ‘flying saucers ‘. Not long later, the place was immediately closed. Canadian military immediately arrive. In an instant, where the wreckage was cleaned up and immediately transported. The accident was immediately covered. What actually happened? Is it true that the accident was a flying saucer that falls? Government of Canada has never issued any statement on this matter. And to this day, the mystery is never revealed.

yonaguni Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

8.Bimini Road (Atlantis)

The Bimini Road, sometimes called the Bimini Wall, is an underwater rock formation near North Bimini island in the Bahamas. The Road consists of a 0.8 km (0.5 mile)-long northeast-southwest linear feature composed of roughly rectangular to subrectangular limestone blocks.Many geologists claim that the Bimini Road is simply a formation of natural occurring beach rock formation while others have proposed a number of reasons why the feature appears to be artificial in construction.The question is,who built it?

 Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

9.Crop Circle

Crop circle is a form of circles and other shapes such as geometric shapes (and mostly large / wide size), there is even a scorpion-shaped, sunflower, bee, etc. In the UK, Canada, America, Australia and Japan , many crop circle phenomenon occurs. This phenomenon usually occurs in summer when the farm fields overgrown with plants.

Geometric shapes that sometimes form circles or can also form a unique series of images , which show that the creators are smart creatures. But the crop circle was not made by humans based on a variety of evidence that has been investigated by scientists. So, what kind of creatures that make all this? Crop circle found in many southern England.


marfa3 Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the World

10. Marfa’s Ball of Light

Also called “Ghost Of Light Ball” . First seen in 1880 in the western town of Maria, Texas. The light was described as the size of basketballs, floated with a shoulder height of humans. Usually white, yellow, orange, red and sometimes blue or green. Regular balls flying around a particular area, then disappeared by itself. To this day, the light was still frequently appear. There was no explanation until now.


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