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Best places to find romance on your trip to Australia

There is perhaps no better time to meet someone than while you’re travelling. Free of regular obligations and the daily grind, you will be at your most relaxed, receptive and ready for romance. Travelling around Australia means an even more relaxing experience, as it imbues visitors with a renewed vigour for life and love.

But where’s best to find that summer romance you’ve always dreamed of? It all looks so easy in the movies, but in real life it can be difficult to know where to go to find a romantic moment. So here are five of the best places to find love on your trip to Australia.

Happy couple

On a cruise

With so many beautiful waterways, Australia is a prime location for a cruise – whether it’s a day cruise around Sydney Harbour or a week along the coast of Queensland, being out on the water is a perfect setting for romance. With many options available to suit your taste and availability, it’s a unique offering that may result in finding romance on the high seas.

On a train

Finding love
One way of exploring this vast country is to take a train journey. For singles Perth to Sydney on the Indian Pacific is one of the longer trips on which you might be able to spend time getting to know someone. The incredible scenery throughout the journey and the relaxed nature of train travel makes it an extra-special way to meet someone.


If you’re on an extended trip you may decide to browse online dating sites to assist in your search for love. Being in an unknown area, it naturally follows that you don’t know your way around the dating scene, or even have the connections to meet someone - either through work or friends - to begin with. A holiday will only be enhanced by a few dates with Aussies, who can also lead you past the tourist traps to a goldmine of local knowledge.

On a night out

A tried and tested ground for meeting new people, Australia’s bars, clubs and pubs are made for partying, meeting singles and maybe collecting a few phone numbers. Whether you are after a relaxed evening and a few beers, an eclectic cocktail bar experience or a hardcore dance night that doesn’t end until the sun rises, you can find a night to suit your taste, budget and interest in music wherever you are in Australia. 
On the beachFinding love on the beach Perhaps the prime reason most people come to Australia is for the incredible beaches, so it would make sense that on a long lazy day, soaking up sunshine, surfing and swimming at Bondi or Byron Bay, you would find the time to start chatting to a good-looking stranger. There’s plenty of opportunity for assistance in applying the sunscreen, a classic Australian ice-breaking technique. Resource BoxAustralian City Guide
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