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Battlefield 3 - Realtek Fix/Update

Looks like that we have new issues with this game (from 19th of November 2011). Many people can’t play due to „game was disconnected” or „you were kicked from server”. I checked some threads on game forums about this issues and:

1 . I choose repair option with Battlefield 3 game (700 mb update was downloaded after origin was fixed);
2 . I downloaded PB software (pbsetup – 827 kb) and I placed it in BF 3 game folder. Next I „connected” it with with Battlefield 3 (Add a Game) and updated to newest version for this game.

Here you can download it:

I tested it on 1000 tickets map and there was no crash (I played more than hour, previously on another map by 20 minutes on the same server).

My friend had similar issues and he found info that Remove WAT crack on Win 7 causes those sound-loops on motherboards with Realtek (also on Bad Company 2 game). He removed that crack and used other (loader by Diaz) and next he did the same steps like me. So long no crashes.

Hope that there will be no more bad surprises from EA and Realtek/Punkbuster…

Update (22.11.2011) :

Game was automatically updated by Origin. I checked also punkbuster, no new update.

Game is stable, no hard crashes, freezes etc.

Latest patch from December also fixed few annoying things in this game (mainly with servers), so it's more "playable" ;)

My PC :

HD 5850, I5 750, 4 GB Ram (Patriot Viper Sector 5 1600 Mhz), MoBo (with Realtek onboard sound card) - MSI P55-GD 65. Operating system - Win 7.

If you want to play without any other issues, make sure that you installed newest drivers for your graphics card and your pc is in good shape (no viruses, defragmented system disk and disk where you installed BF3 with minimum 4GB free space) and meets all needed requirements for this game. With my PC I can play on ultra settings with 1920:1080 res. and aax2 in campaign and in medium/high settings with the same resolution with aax4 in multiplayer with good fps speed.

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