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People Need Love and Hope


There is a despair to modern society, especially in the Western world. The modern times have brought many comforts that money can buy, yet there is less happiness and contentment for some reason. That reason is because there is less love and hope for a future than ever before.


After the cultural revolution of the 60's orchestrated by the powers to be, America has degenerated into an immoral wicked nation bent on destruction. The dignity of the citizens is being lost everyday wicked people are hailed as good and good people are condemned as bad. The nation has cowards in leadership who are only good at lying to people. And the cultural icons are those hand picked sell-outs who have no value past their hypocritical prowess.


Young people and old are in need desperately for something real and sincere. Our humanity longs for truth and has a deep need to have hope in something good. Jesus Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. Jesus loves everyone alive and wants them to repent and believe on him as their savior, and be saved from this fallen world and the punishment to come. If you are in despair, confusion, and are looking for the truth, then reach out to Jesus who is waiting for you to accept his love.


  There is an angst among the X generation and younger generations that the Boomer and older generations don't understand. We are the first generations who have been raised by our mothers, the first fruits of the cultural revolutions of the 60's. We come from families that have been blown apart from sin, from divorce, from adultery, from drug addictions, and from basically a self serving hedonistic society gone mad. 


 It's an alarming trend that young people are thinking about suicide so often and even committing such on levels never before. It's a telling sign showing the hopelessness the younger generation have concerning their bleak future. They don't have the love, support, and discipline they need to feel like they can even face life, so they are giving up before they begin. They are turning to destructive tendencies and wicked devices without any guidance as their parents have yet to grow up as well. 


 The fruits of this modern time are rotten and show that the absence of Jesus Christ in our culture has been a disaster. The absence of family values and the Biblical perspective guiding our lives has left people confused, hateful, selfish and cold. Even if you don't believe in the Bible, it's impossible and insincere to say that the culture has improved from the times before the 60's. 


What the younger generations need is Jesus and his love. The hope that is in Jesus is eternal life, the wisdom Jesus gives explains why the fallen world is the way that it is. The answers that confuse the youth are answered and sin is repented of and renounced. The results are healing and dignity, discipline and a sense of meaning. 


I'm not blaming the Boomer generation either. They are in bad shape as well, they are in need of love and hope as well. They have been lied to by the world as well. 


I think of the older people who are depressed, who want to end it all. They may thing they are useless  and no-one cares about them anyway. They may think they have hurt too many people are full of regret and pain. They may believe the lie of macro evolution which says they are just monkeys and not made in the image of God. 


They need to know that they have a God that created them for a purpose, that if they humble themselves and believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God who died for their sins, they will be saved and have eternal life. In this life we will have trouble, the Bible says, but fear not because Jesus has overcome this life. 


Older people and younger people alike have a purpose God created them for. He is waiting for them to come to him and ask for forgiveness. If they can humble themselves and seek salvation through Jesus, they will find their purpose and live a better life here and forever.


The world is full of lies that tell you advice that is a dead end. The world will have you running here and there looking for meaning and finding nothing but lies in the end. There is only one truth, one absolute, math even tells us this truth. So, what is the truth? Well, what has the best fruits. 


Many people fault Jesus because of the false Christians who give Christianity a bad name. Don't you think the Devil is going to act like a Christian so he can discredit the name of Jesus? Show me one sincere believer who loves and lives for Jesus and has rotten fruits because of it. Truth is we are all sinners saved by grace, but a true Christian will not have evil fruits. 


There is a better way for all of us, don't give up and think that no-one loves you. If you don't fit in this world, that is a good sign, that means you aren't a sell-out, that means you aren't OK with glorified sin. Don't believe the lies that there is something wrong with you because you have values that are lined up with the Bible. 


People need hope and love, and this cold embrace the world offers is only going to leave people depressed and discontent. The love of Jesus warms your heart and gives you hope in the future. Believing in Jesus as your savoir will give you meaning, and this meaning is the most valuable meaning you will ever find, because you will be on the side of good fighting evil. 


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