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All I Got

why cant i just ever be good enough
i try and try and try
no one ever just likes me for me
theres always something wrong with me
why cant i ever be good enough
im pretty sure im just done trying
but we know thats a lie
because ill try and try and try
but no matter how hard i try
i wont ever be good enough
and ill just fuck things up
like time and time again
i should just quit
save myself the heartache
of giving everything and just being burned
but we all know thats a lie
once again ill try and try and try
all for nothing
just to end up heartbroken
i dont know how much more i can take
but i will give it everything i got
no matter how much pain
i get in return
maybe it will just be the memories that get me through
one way or another i will get through
even if it kills everything in me
i will give it all i got

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