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Zebra Print Soap

Happy Monday everyone! I've been pretty busy lately, summer craft shows and festivals are happening all over town and I have less than 3 weeks to be ready for my next show at the Pow Wow grounds in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

This summer I thought it would be cool to step up my soap design, so I have been working on different designs other than my typical 2 color swirl. My first attempt at the "Tiger Stripe" which I have renamed "Zebra Stripe" turned out pretty darn good in my opinion.

I used cocoa powder mixed with black mica, I was going for more of a deep brown, but I guess I added a little too much black mica, because it looks black, but it's nice, the hot pink is fired up fuchsia neon colorant I got from Brambleberry. I scented this batch with an essential oil blend of patchouli & lavender. And of course I have to sprinkle my textured tops with iridescent glitter :)

The technique is actually pretty simple. Divide soap into 2-3 colors and pour a stripe down the center of your soap mold, alternating colors each time until all the soap is used.

Below is a video demonstration by Amathia Soapworks.


Your soap batter does not need to be as thin as in the video, a nice medium trace will work, a medium trace is what I prefer; however, you will want to use a fragrance that you know will behave and is easy to work with. Stay away from theĀ  florals and spices.You do not want this to seize up on you before you get started.

Contrasting colors, colors that compliment one another or light and dark variations of the same color, the choice is yours.

Make your lines as thick or as thin as you want or make some off center. Experiment. Have fun with it!

Let me know how it all works out for you! :)
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