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First attempt at an elemental swirl

So lately I have been into watching these youtube video soap challenges from Amy at Great Cakes Soap Works. As a matter of fact, I just got an email today offering a new challenge....the Holly Swirl! I think I am going register to do this :)))

In the meantime, I have been trying to step up my soap design and take it to a more artistically interesting level. Below is my first attempt at an elemental swirl. I haven't cut it up yet....but you know I will :)...I am a monkey see, monkey do, type so if I see it once, I can typically pull it off. I thought this elemental swirl was awesome and relatively easy...I think I can get pretty creative with my next few batches.

The scent is amazing! It is a creamy coconut scent paired with raspberry and vanilla. Smells so yummy!
Like a day at the beach...only better.

You definitely want to use a fragrance oil or essential oil that will allow you time to work with this swirling technique. I separated the soap batter into 6 different parts, 4 colored and 2 uncolored to use as my base for swirling each the blue & green and the yellow & orange. I did my pencil line with cocoa powder and a touch of black mica. I saved a little of each color to texturize the top of my soap loaf. I am happy with the way it turned out. Just can't wait to cut it!

Here it is the cut bar! I just want to mention that I did have some separation between the layers on a couple of the bars where I sprinkled on the cocoa powder mica mixture a little too heavy, so make sure that you only put a light layer between the two layers :( oh well, it's an excuse to try it again :) I'll have to clean up those drag marks from the cocoa powder.

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