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Conspiracy Video Zeitgeist from Youtube

This Guy verbalizes very well what many dare to think or talk about. I am not usually into conspiracies but I admit I like to watch the odd UFO movie on youtube about once a year, some thing from my childhood and the Magical ET Movie I think, that is where I came across this Zeitgeist conspiracy video .

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I like this Zeitgeist movie I guess you could call it a Conspiracy video I think it has been very well made and makes for interesting viewing. And perhaps an insight to how the new generation and future generations may well be thinking. I particularly like the second part of this conspiracy video and find some humor in the way it questions the Christian faith in a humorous manner amongst other things.

I am pretty sure this conspiracy video was not made to offend, but some of the really stern people with a real old school and Christian mind set may well feel threatened by the thoughts of this guy and many others.

Some people will see it as a bit of fun while others may well see this conspiracy video as somebody trying to open the minds and eyes of us the consumers. The second part starts off talking about the Sun, signs and I think a bit about the Egyptians.

It seems the Author of this Video has collected many facts from history and voiced his views in his own home video making a very well made conspiracy documentary .

If you were wondering what you were going to watch tonight, you know it is going to be something and your not quite sure what mood you are in take a look at Zeitgeist the Conspiracy Video.

I would not put myself in the normal bracket of consumer, well not until I have enough money to be one, maybe the RedGage dollars will mount up enough to provide me this luxury.

I think everyone that is branded a consumer whether they like it or not should watch Zeitgeist and imagine the implications if what is said in this conspiracy video are matching up with the facts and true then we have been lied to for a very long time and it is about time the truth if there is any be told.

Quite normally there are video responses to conspiracy videos with facts against the conspiracy I did not manage to find one for Zeitgeist the movie .

It got me giving it a little thought anyway.

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