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Spin a Wheel and Make Cash

I have found an extremely easy way to make money on line.  It is a site called Superpoints .  All you do is spin a wheel and try to get points.  When you accumulate 1000 points you can exchange them for a paypal payment or for a gift card. 

You also receive a daily email with points in it.  Just open the email click on it and it will award you however many points the email was for. 

Another way to earn money on there is by watching vidoes.  There is usually at least one video per day. 

The best way to earn on there quickly is to get a couple of referrals.  Once I got my first referral I was able to cash out within a week. 

That is all there is too it:  Spin the wheel, watch a video or two, and open the email when they send it to you and click on the link. 

If you want to earn even more money you can sign up for offers on the offers pages. 

So what are you waiting for.  Go and spin the wheel.

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