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When You Need to Divorce A Family Member

I know the title of this blog is rather harsh but sometimes there comes a time when you cannot go on associating yourself with a certain family member because there is so much disconnect with one another that there is no other way around it. When you have tried over and over to make peace with your family member and they have continually lied, disrespected and hurt your feelings, there is nothing else that you can do. I have been divorcing my brother for a few months now, I think I have come to the proverbial forked road and decided which one I am to take. I don't think that God is going to look upon me any differently than before our divorce but rather would place peace in my heart because of the knowledge of all the times that I have tried to make amends only to be crushed. I have apologized for things I haven't done, I have told my brother that I love him with all my heart, I have prayed for my brother and to no avail. He calls himself a christian and continues to act in this way, placing judgements on people, mostly  his own family. I have several siblings and believe me we have all been through the ringer together, but we have always known when to stop and realize whats important in this world;we have forgiven each other our transgressions and continued to be a family. For some reason this isn't happening with my brother and therefore I am divorcing him from my life as well as is wife and  children, as they don't want anything to do with me anyway. I know that this may sound mean to some people and they may say," Oh just leg bygones be bygones"! Believe me I have, but no more and I know that sometimes it just has to be this way.

 The  bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life.

Richard Bach

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