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Hubpages: How to Write Online, Earn Money

Increase Your Online Income with One of the Web's Best Places to Write

If you're a writer, then diversifying your income with different websites only makes sense for you. When one website takes a slight stumble, the others are there to cushion the blow. Writing on Hubpages is the perfect way to diversify and supplement your income with a new revenue source. Much like Squidoo, Hubpages generates and shares royalties via Adsense, Ebay, and Amazon. How is this website different than Squidoo and other content creation revenue sharing websites like Blogger, Wordpress and Mahalo? Read on to find out.

Don't put all your eggs into one basket!
Don't put all your eggs into one basket!

Why Writing at Another Website Makes Sense

Diversifcation of your online income will only increase your bottom line!


Writing for just one website is risky. Investing time into one company can produce great results, but what if something changes? Things can change in the blink of an eye. One moment, a website can be Google's best friend. The next minute, it's slapped, and can take months (sometimes years, sometimes never) to recover and grow. What's the best way around this? By diversifying your writing. Sure, you can have a preferred place that you write, but supplementing it with another website (or two) only makes sense should that website:

a) Go out of business or be sold (who knows what the new terms of service will be like, like's sale to Demand Studios).

b) Experience a drop in growth or traffic levels (like Squidoo has suffered before, but has bounced back).

c) Make drastic changes to their terms of service that negatively impact your online income (like CafePress and its decision to set a fixed 10% markup for any work featured in their marketplace).

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Essentially, Hubpages is a form of blogging. While the pages might be static, they are all linked to your profile page. Every page that you add to your portfolio of Hubs matters, and can either be met with success or completely ignored. The difference between great bloggers and bloggers that continue to struggle is that they know what their readers are looking for, they have deep connections, and they deliver content on a regular basis. All of these same attributes can be applied to your Hubpages experience, and can earn you more money if you can implement them. Learn from ProBlogger the secrets for blogging your way to a six figure income, and start earning more than just a penny here and there!


Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Hubpages Today!

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The reasons for picking more than one website to write on outnumber the reasons to not do so. If you're having a hard time swallowing that pill, then here are 50 reasons why you should consider doing so (according to me):

1. It will create a new revenue stream for you. Additional Ebay, Amazon, and Adsense royalties every month (should you get clicks and sales) will result in new paychecks.

2. The number of backlinks to your own Squidoo lenses will increase if you decide to write in the same niches and interlink the two.

3. Your online persona will get a little boost. Putting yourself into a new community will get others interested in your writing on Squidoo, on your blog, or wherever you might be writing.

4. Hubpages rewards user signups with a percentage of the new signee's impressions. That's a great deal if you recruit prolific writers.

5. Writing on a new platform will only enhance your writing skills. While Squidoo and Hubpages might be similar in style, they are quite different in terms of appearance.

6. Hubpages rewards community involvement and interaction, but does not require it for earnings. An Adsense click is a click, and hub page ratings and author ratings have nothing to do with their income.

7. When you get tired of writing on one website, the other one will always be there to keep things fresh. Consider it an easy fix for writer's block.

8. You won't have to rely on the Lensrank system for income. Your income on Hubpages is directly attributed to what you earn, not from a shared pool or on community interaction.

9. Hubpages traffic is growing exponentially, passing a billion page views. It is quickly becoming an authority in the eyes of search engines.

10. Like Squidoo, you can promote your own projects through linking. However, you are limited to two links to any given website on a single "hub." Linking to the same domain over many hubs can also diminish your Hub Score, if you care about that.

11. You can link to your other online projects through your hubs. Increase your links, increase your exposure, and diversify your online writing.

12. The interlinking on Hubpages is done in a way that gives new hubs great exposure. New hubs are indexed almost always the same day, meaning it's a great place to publish brand new and time sensitive content.

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Begin earning additional income and start building your online content empire! Sign up for Hubpages today!


Thanks for stopping by! If you're already a member of Hubpages, be sure to tell us about your experience with the website. If you haven't already signed up, then sign up for Hubpages today and start writing and earning!

Squidoo is nothing to sneeze at either. It's an incredibly useful website that allows you to write about almost anything, and has many different benefits from Hubpages. Feature your blog posts, your online business, your hobbies, or share knowledge about something that you're passionate about (and get paid for it).

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