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How to Save Money on Auction Listing Fees: - Three things to reduce fees right now

Fees are your biggest expense of selling on Ebay. How can you cut them down quickly right now?

  1. Check your current billing statement. You'd be surprised how many times there are errors in your bill. Really, check it and see if they are charging you the right amount, especially when there's a promotional listing special going on. They tend to make mistakes even though it's automated. When you sell at a high volume, this can be a massive expense. This often happens when they have "listing sales" that they do not properly charge you the right price for.
  2. Host your own photos. While Ebay has reduced the cost of using their photo uploader, it still isn't as high quality as using your own hosting account. It will look better and pay itself off fast if you host your own photos. The big bonus is that you can place the images anywhere into the auction, and use super-sized images with incredible detail. Recently, Ebay has upgraded their photos, and they are larger and won't cost you anything to add up to 12. However, you can add an infinite amount of photos if you host your own.
  3. Pass on the subtitle feature.This can really add a lot of fees to your bill. Yes, it's only 50 cents, but if you sell 100 items a month, that's 50 bucks! 200 items, 100 bucks... you get the point. Save this feature for items that are high worth, truly unique, and that you really NEED to stand apart from the rest of the pack.
  4. Check to make sure you aren't being automatically checked off for certain features. When you list an item, Ebay automatically checks off features in bundles like "gallery plus." These often are not necessary, so uncheck the bundle and choose features individually (if any).
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