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Day With A Smile

Today, i wake up seeing my self on a window glass smiling. I thank God for everything that He had done and blessed me. I can almost feel that i was on the brink of finding myself which was lost from my tormented past. I also realize that i was smiling every morning and without wearing frown face at all. Life is beautiful if you let others come in into your life and let go of the past people who never care at you anymore. I feel blessed this summer and i know this will be the start of a new life a new beginning, a new self which is more corrected towards a straight pathway.

"Never look back your not going that way"~ Mary Engelbreit

Looking back again and again to all your miseries and problem about your past will never make you a better person. I also realized that i need to be happy because God had given me the capabilities to do it so. I will be good friend, i will be a good leader and i will be a person. During the summer camp i have met several people who have appreciated my self and credibilities. I thought i was a trash before but now i came to the point of loving again my self. Past is just something that i have been but i promise i will never go back again.

"On the other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest life" ~ Robin Sharma

This is my motto in life. I am what i am right now because of what i wanted and done. I have forged path for others to follow, to be an inspiration. I have embraced life challenges and after that i saw myself in the mirror which is stronger, better and happier. I regained my self-worth. Life is truly what we make it. If you choose to be lonely then you will be but if you choose to be happy then you must do everything just to be happy. I saw life again. The beauty of living again. I can say i was molded and harnessed for i can feel, understand and appreciate my self again. I love myself and i love life!

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