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Tomorrow has come for me to tackle new self defining adventures. Truthfully, there’s no place like home and it’s good to be back again. Many things have change can’t tell if it is affirmative or negative. Many voices seem to be unheard and many entreaties seem to be neglected. Dark cloud invades all over the place but I can’t ignore the sneaking tiny ray that flickers in the sky. I don’t know what’s really happening but many dreams were broken and many dreams seem to be hanging on.

There are people who are smiling but there are also people with frown faces. There are some people who are speaking with pride and there are some people who are showing with hopelessness. There is no stasis as far as I noticed. Everything seems to be abrupt and frantically mismanage. From the moment I saw this poor situation I also saw injustice and cancers of this entire virtual place.

There are trashes all over the place and there are also valued things scrambled with those waste. Improper segregation was one of the ferocious issues that were left behind in this virtual-reality place. Many things were heard but many things remain unresolved. There are cases which are unknown and lots of them revolve all over compensation. Inequality in treatment looking like there’s VIP’s. The place where drastically began to be crowded with traffics but the place seems to be divided into two community. Those are hopeful and those are hopeless.

Havocking reality but it seems to be ignored by the whole management. In a nutshell of my sharpest eyes shutter I have pictured out the whole place. Philosophically, an imbalanced community was the rights were down and injustice prevails. The niche was covered with duskiness but travelers on this place never let go cause they knew that fighting for their right and doing what they like will be the best combat towards unscrupulous leaders. But I do believe that one day they will realized the worth of every single writers for without us there nothing and we also understand that symbiosis has an important role in every chain. Respect one another and give them what they deserve with that this whole virtual alternative world will be a better place for all.

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