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What You Need To Know In Order To Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Credit Cards


Smart Everyday Decisions Can Keep Your Information Safe!

These days, credit card fraud is very common and it is important that you be prepared to protect yourself. Even though, businesses and services are taking measures to protect both you and themselves, you should not let your guard down. For example, although most credit card receipts only contain the last four digits of your card number, you should still dispose of all receipts in a proper and secure manner to prevent them falling into the wrong hands. You don't want thieves to have the ability to duplicate your signature or to find your physical location.

Dispose Of All Paperwork Carefully!

Really, proper disposal of all unwanted paper information is key to protecting yourself against credit card fraud. For example, if you have a good credit rating, you may get lots of pre-approved offers for credit in the mail. If you don't want those offers, don't just toss them. A thief could retrieve them from your trash, apply in your name and ruin your credit rating. Be sure to destroy any unwanted offers of credit by burning, shredding or submerging them in water. If a temporary card is enclosed, cut it to bits.
If you don't want these kinds of offers, be sure to contact the companies and opt out. Reducing your junk mail also reduces the ways in which you can be identified, tricked and victimized.

Keep Your Banking Information Safe!

Be careful about your checks and your deposit slips. Your checks contain a wealth of information for thieves. Be sure to only have the minimum information necessary imprinted on your checks. Don't include your driver's license number or your social security number. Guard your checkbook closely. When you run out of checks, destroy any remaining deposit slips.

Guard Your Social Security Number Closely!
Be sure to keep your social security number safe. It is the key to unlocking many of your personal accounts. Never type it online unless you are sure the site is secure. If anyone ever calls or e-mails you soliciting your social security number, do not give it out. Be advised that e-mails asking you to "update your information" are always fraudulent.

Keep A Running, Written Record Of Your Expenditures!

Keep your own records of your spending. Regardless of the fact that you can check your accounts online regularly, keep a notebook or check ledger with you to keep track of your spending as you go. Compare your handwritten records with your online records regularly to be sure there are no unauthorized charges, checks or other transactions.
Avoiding credit card fraud takes consistent vigilance; however, with a little practice this vigilance will become habitual. Follow the smart tips presented here to safeguard your information, your credit rating and your money.

Copyright:SuzanneBennett:October 9, 2014

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