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Gaining Health: Brushing Your Skin

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Brush Your Way to Beauty & Better Health


Detox is all the rage these days. Infomercials all want you to spend your $29.95 or more to buy their latest, greatest product to cleanse your colon or your feet or some such. The fact is, you don't need any of this nonsense. The best and most effective methods of cleansing are affordable or free.


Drinking plenty of pure water, eating healthy food that is rich in natural fiber, avoiding products laden with chemicals are all ways of cleansing your body and staying healthy and strong. Another good way is to brush your body! It's easy, it's free, and it feels great!


Your skin works round the clock to protect your innards from biological invaders and toxic chemicals. It processes everything it comes in contact with. It is the largest organ of the body and it is such a powerhouse at stopping toxins in their tracks that it is sometimes likened to the kidneys. It is very important to keep your skin functioning properly by keeping the pores unclogged and the blood flow circulating.


When you brush your skin you are clearing it of toxins and helping your body in the process of purification. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which is a very major part of the body's natural detoxification system. It is also helpful to the kidneys and the liver because, when you stimulate your skin and keep it functioning at the top of it's form, your liver and kidneys don't have to work as hard.


For exfoliation, treating cellulite, and even improving muscle tone, dry brushing is an absolute boon! When you dry brush your body, you are brushing off dry, dead skin cells. This works wonders to improve the natural production of oils and keep the surface of the skin smooth and supple. Gentle brushing also helps break up cellulite and gives a nice, light muscle massage.


One of the best things about this easy, enjoyable cleansing technique is that it is extremely inexpensive! All you need is a soft brush made of natural hair. You can get a special one for your body or a natural bristle hairbrush. You may want to get one that has a long handle for your back.


You can brush yourself all over just before your bath or shower every day. When you do this the washing helps increase the cleansing value of brushing even more. When you brush, be sure to brush toward your heart to increase the detoxifying effect. Brushing toward the heart is also good for the circulatory system, while brushing away from the heart is detrimental to it.

 Always dry brush toward the heart.

Brush from the extremities working toward the heart, so for example, brush from your hands, up your arms, and from your feet, up your legs. Brush clockwise and then counter-clockwise on your stomach, under your arms, and on each side of the chest. Brush the bottoms of your feet and your palms in a circular pattern. If there are areas that are dry or prone to cellulite, give them extra attention. Don't brush damaged skin or skin that has a rash.


Once you start brushing, you will be hooked! It feels great! It's all-natural! The benefits are tremendous, and it is much less expensive than a miracle cure "as seen on TV!"


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