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Tips on Deductive Essay Writing

If you have been assigned an essay project where you have to use deductive reasoning, you might be intimidated by such an assignment if you’ve never written a deductive essay before.  What’s more, you will encounter deductive essays several times over the course of scholastic career, so your familiarity with the writing style is vital to your academic writing success.  The deductive essay requires that you use reasoning to examine a set of premises (clues) or conditions and to draw reasonable conclusions based on the topic under examination.   Here we will examine the reason for writing a deductive essay and the various elements that go into the structure of such a paper.


What is deductive reasoning?


 Deductive reasoning is a lot like puzzle solving. If you’ve ever read about Sherlock Holmes then you can begin to understand how deductive reasoning works. A deductive essay requires specific inclusions, and must adhere to an expected structure. Below we will examine the features of such an essay and how you can ensure the production of an essay featuring brilliant writing and analysis. The aim of your paper is to come up with a valid conclusion: one achieved through the process of deductive reasoning.


What is the tone of the work?


A deductive essay is written an objective, not subjective tone.  The writing must be factual.  You should refrain from the use of the first person perspective, especially since the work is an academic form of writing.  You will use expert opinions to back your conclusions.  You will want to maintain a third person perspective throughout your essay.


What kinds of topics are acceptable?


A topic for your deductive essay must be chosen with care. You will want to stay away from topics capable of invoking any type of response that is emotional.  Emotions are subjective and therefore have no place in a deductive essay. When choosing a topic, choose one of interest but also one that you have no solid position about when you choose it.


How is the paper started?


The deductive essay is the same as many academic projects requiring that you begin with an introductory paragraph.  The first paragraph needs to express the topic under analysis and it should supply a brief background on the subject matter/problem. Your thesis will assert the objective facts that the body of the paper will have to support. You get the supporting evidence through research and use of reliable sources.


What do the body paragraphs in a deductive essay contain?


Start out each paragraph in the body with a strong, concise topic sentence. The first sentence leads the reader into what the paragraph will discuss. In a clear paper, the reader should be able to scan the first sentence of each paragraph in the body of your paper and should be able to come away with a solid understanding of your supporting evidence.


What does the conclusion of the essay contain?


In a deductive essay, you are wrapping up the entire paper with your conclusion.  Readers remember the first and last thing they read the most, so your conclusion needs to have a powerful and memorable impact on the reader. Summarize your paper, restate your thesis, and draw your conclusions based on the evidence you supply. You can also add some information about how the future may or may not influence the topic under analysis. If you are having trouble designing your conclusions, try reworking the introductory paragraph into a concise closing summary.


About the Author: Jennifer Delgado resides in Quebec, Canada, where he spends all of his time writing articles, critical essays, reviews, and eBooks. You can find out more about her writings here  Don appreciates the relative isolation of his home, where he can view the stunning Canadian landscape from his home office window.

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