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Term Paper Writing Service: Another Side of the Story

But here is another truth based on a real-life. A student who works hard turns to a term paper writing service called to get professional academic help with a term paper. Over some time, he gets a well-crafted task, absolutely authentic and representing academic level far beyond an average one. Obviously, it deserves an A.  But there is one huge stumbling point that doesn’t allow a student to submit this paper: custom companies, whether these are term paper writing services or simple essay production companies are all considered to be illegal and unethical.

Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair? I don’t mean to advocate custom writing business since there is a good bundle of facts that put the niche in a bad light. But there is always a reverse side of the medal, usually a better one. What if we look at it closer?

Here is the truth that touches customer company mentioned above and all custom writing services that simply do their work well.

It’s just business. A legal one, by the way

Academic custom services are so wide-spread because getting higher education becomes harder each year. Consequently, more students are seeking help from outside. As a result, custom companies have grown into a whole industry which is, by the way, legal business, protected by law as any other legitimate company.

Actually, the legal status has been a matter for discussion for quite a while. But in most cases, all myths concerning custom writing services being illegal spring from customers’ unawareness. It’s not about custom companies that deliver ready-made academic products but rather about the way customer is going to use this product. Almost all academic services claim to have no responsibility for the grade their product will earn if a customer decides to submit it. In fact, most companies in the academic industry provide papers designed to serve as a sample for students’ own work. Seeing how a well-written paper looks, a student is supposed to pick up useful information and leave out what’s unnecessary. In such a case, not only academic writing companies are legal but also very helpful.

Custom writing services step in where education is weak

Custom academic writing services have become one of the most thriving niches in education industry. According to statistics, every third student turns to custom companies for help. And it’s not because students are lazy or lack the willpower to make themselves write a one-page essay, but because they don’t get adequate guidance at schools or universities. Most frequently ordered content is the one which is difficult to craft such as term papers, research work or even dissertation.

Education environment has become increasingly competitive with small chances and little support for students to go through all challenges and accomplish the desired degree.

If education were a bit more helpful and not as demanding as it is now, there would be not so many students who look for academic assistance and thus risk being expelled from the institution they had been struggling to get to.

This is where academic writing services stand out with their advantages. They offer time for those who have a side job or balance their lives with family duties. They provide professional academic solutions to the problems that students struggle through in studies. More than that, academic companies help foreign applicants adjust to a new academic environment and be on equal footing with native students. So the fact that academic services exist reflects serious problems within education system on its own.

A matter of ethics

Still, with all the benefits that come with using custom writing services, there is one argument you can’t beat. No educator will ever say that purchased paper is ok for submission. All universities claim its cheating. They don’t even refer it to plagiarizing any longer, since most custom writing companies are wise enough not to sell papers copied from some database. But even most authentic content, written from scratch and double-scanned with plagiarism detection software is considered to be cheating.

If you paid someone to do your task and put no efforts to interpret the final result, then you’ve simply cheated. By this logic, this is a customer who makes a choice. A custom company only provides some background for a student’s future decision.

Although some may claim that using custom writing services is cheating, there is no denying the fact that they can be grade or even academic career-saving. A foreign student with an insufficient knowledge of English gets more chances to fit the education system with a bit help from outside as well as a student who missed classes because of some reasonable excuse can catch up with his peers.

Even with lots of other options available on the Web, the number of custom writing companies will keep growing. The point is how students who ask them for help will use papers they purchase. There are always will be those who will hand in the content as it is, not even looking it through. And there will be students who will take ordered paper as a sample to craft their own piece of writing. It follows that no matter how you view custom writing services, the decision always lies with students themselves.

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