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10 Tips for Passing IELT

  1. Use idioms. There is a big amount of everyday idioms. But when you will use them in written form, you will use them in oral speaking as well.
  2. If you have some doubts about any word or phrase, don’t use it. The reason can be mistake in pronunciation or spelling.
  3. Before you will go to pass exam, try to listen to the TV programs with excellent English. Of course, you can also find movies about this exam in Internet and watch them.  It will prepare you to pass IELTS and you will have an imagination what waits you. There are services for those who would like to
  4. Many people consider the part “Speaking” as the hardest part of exam. Often the reason is that English is not native language for people who are passing IELTS. The only one solution is to practice in speaking with native speakers. Speak English as often as you can. It would ideal to speak and use this language every day, when there is an opportunity. If there is no, I would recommend thinking in English.
  5. See the difference between similar words. There are some English words which are pronounced or written in similar way. They may confuse you, so pay a lot of attention to them.
  6. Do your best to avoid accent. In addition I should mention that you needn’t to make foreign accent too. Try to speak without it.
  7. Try to use short sentences. Compels and long ones are not estimated higher, but you can make mistakes. You can use some complex structures, but now often, and only when you are sure in your intentions.
  8. Find and install good electronic dictionary on your PC. Also you can use paper one. It doesn’t matter which kind of dictionary you will use, but it should be always with you. In this way you are able to see and to read about the new word, which you listen suddenly.
  9. There are three the most popular English in the world – British, American and Australian. Is the one of them in priority? They are equal. But don’t risk and try to use British variant of English language.

10. Have benefit from online resources which are available for you.

About the Author: Jennifer Delgado is a writer providing assistance to students at essay writing service, and she wants to share with some secrets and tips. She has her own blog which is focused on studying the language. 

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