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Tips to Design Your New Apartment

Just achieved your first milestone and moved into a new apartment you can call your own? But you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start or how to style it? Don’t worry, here are a few easy guidelines to help you get started!



First thing you need to do is figure out what sort of wallpaper you would like to choose from, there are many patterns and colours to choose from. You can either go for an old fashioned rustic look, an artistic modern look, or a floral pattern. Choose a wallpaper that is most suited with your personality and you would never get tired of looking at and most importantly will keep you inspired!



Getting the proper curtains are essential.The main things to consider when buying your curtains are deciding in the type of fabric and colour, the material will help tell you how well your curtains are going to function and hold up over time. If the material is too heavy, they may not fold crisply when drawn. Next thing you need to be aware of is the length and lining, measuring your window properly is very important, as we don’t want the curtain to be too short or too long.



It is necessary to buy your biggest pieces of furniture first to give you an idea on how you would place the rest of the furniture.It is necessary to be patient and look around without investing in the first piece of furniture you see. Using online shopping to purchase different types of furniture will be very convenient, you can use sites like layby online, where you are provided with many options of different products and services in the same website, this can be efficient and less time consuming as you wouldn’t have to browse about, you can easily choose different products suitable for all aspects of your new home.



Image Source: Unsplash



Each stage mentioned above needs to be given a lot of thought and picked out when it comes to the pattern or the colour you have decided to go with. It is necessary to have a mix in splashes of colour. The room colour has a way of affecting your mood, therefore if you want to be in the best of spirits every day I suggest you go for a bold colour. Colour is powerful, healing, stimulating and fun. Different types of colours have different effects, for example cool colours are calming and warm colours are stimulating. Therefore according to whatever colour you pick, it is necessary to co-ordinate the furniture colour, the wallpaper and the curtains.


Moving into your apartment can be quite stressful, as you are on your own and need to start being responsible for your new home. But this can also give you the opportunity to discover yourself and do whatever your heart desires with your space without having any restrictions. I hope the above tips will help you transform your apartment into a safe and comforting haven.

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