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A Guide on How to Conduct a Memorial Service

The definition of a memorial service might differ from one culture to another, however, the most simple or basic definition would be a ceremony held after a funeral is conducted or sometimes even during or in place of a funeral as well. Sometimes it is also held on the anniversary of a death as well as a memorial ceremony. The main point of holding such a service is to help members who are grieving get through the experience in a way that is less denying and less painful as well. It is also the perfect opportunity to celebrate the life of the loved one who is no longer with us. As it helps with the grieving process and helps with remembering the light the dead gave us, it is considered an important function to hold. Here are a few guidelines to remember when planning a good memorial service.

Read their will

If you have not gone through their will during the funeral service this is your chance to do so because reading a dead person's will is important. The reason it is so important is because, in a will, the loved one who passed away might have included specific instruction son how to conduct his own ceremony or memorial service in a way he would have wanted. If this is so then it is your duty to follow his orders. Sometimes they might have said not to hold a ceremony at all in which case you will have to abide by what he wanted.

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Determine the service type

As I said before, depending on all the various cultures and social backgrounds we have in this world, a help of the experts and even memorial services differ from each other a lot. There are different types of memorial services that you can choose from such as funerals, simple memorials and now people even hold life celebrations, which are a newer form of memorial service where there is less focus on sad facts and more focus on happier things. When you gain the expert services, you will not have to worry about the memorial being conducted to meet up with all the wants and needs. When you are free from worries, you can focus more on the visitors and the emotions that are stuck in you. In addition, you do not have to stress yourself about conducting everything to be perfect while you are fighting a mental struggle.

The Decorations

As it still an event where you have to emphasise on death most of the time, it is not going to be like holding a party. However, memorial services are not all gloomy and dark and are decorated especially using various flowers and even music. When you are arranging flowers try to do so in a way that reflects the personality of the one who had passed away. Use flowers, colours and even music that will give you a sense or a display of what the loved one was like.


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