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What If I Gave The Perfect Christmas Gift

What if we wake up tomorrow and the weather has caused us to be trapped? What if there is a sudden electrical situation and we lose power with no idea of when it will return? What if there is some sort of financial issue that occurs suddenly and people can't get to their money? What if...What if...What if! Those are things that go through my mind at any given time of the day. Some would call me a worrier, some would call me a naysayer and some might call me a prepper! Whatever I am considered and called it's just me, you take me or you leave me!


I have always been the mom with the band aids and the wet wash cloth and the Tylenol in her purse. I never left the house with my kids for an hour or a week without being prepared. So, my kids grew up trusting that mom had it covered. How can I not continue to have it covered, even now that my kids are grown? Perhaps my what if's are more extreme than they were when my children were small. But, if you take a look at what is going on around us day by day, and the news stories that we hear that are hints of something yet to come, how can we not have more extreme forms of what if's?


Every year, even though my kids are older, Santa still comes and leaves them a present from the North Pole. This year I have decided that Santa is going to bring all of my kids an emergency kit. I have put a lot of thought into it and want to make each of my three kids and husband a bag for the car. Knowing my husband like I do, and knowing that the Farmers Almanac has said we will have a cold winter this year, he definitely needs one most of all. He is the one that will get into the car after hearing that snow and ice are coming and still go to work! He is the one that will be the first to “try and see” if the roads are alright. So, that is the big Santa gift this year, Mom's Emergency Bags.


I have put a lot of thought into this gift and what I want to put in each bag. I want to share this idea with anyone interested so they can do the same thing if they are looking for a great, considerate Christmas gift. I am going to buy backpacks, that way if for some reason they have to walk any distance, they can carry their supplies with them. I am going to fill it with several items that they would need if they were having to walk a long way to safety or if they are trapped in their car.


I am going to start with water. Water is essential and even though I try to make sure they always have a gallon of water in their cars, a few bottles of drinking water is important to have in the bag. I will put a few protein bars inside to make sure they have some form of nutrition if they are stuck for more than a day. A small first aid kit will be added including bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol pads and ibuprofen. These items alone are a great start to an emergency bag. Food, water and first aid are three essentials. Most of these items can be purchased at the dollar store and the cost is minimal. I will also include a small throw, rolled up tightly, a couple pair of socks and some plastic rain ponchos. I will get each of them a multi tool that will have all the needed implements like screwdrivers, scissors and a knife and some para cord to use as string or shoe laces, if needed. I will add a few sources of light, including batteries. Flashlights, head lamps and glow sticks are perfect. I will throw in a few lighters and matches as well as a couple of cans of Sterno. A box of aluminum foil and some plastic sheeting is small enough to add and light weight. And any emergency bag is not complete if there isn't a roll of duct tape.


I think an emergency bag packed with all of these items is going to be a great preparedness addition to the car and its not an expensive gift to slide under the tree. Best of all it gives me peace of mind and that is the best gift of all!

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