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There are lots of different ways how to write a good essay

My name is Irene, and I do some part-time writing on a wide range of topics for So, I have an experience in writing, and I want to share it with you my readers.

There are lots of different ways how to write a good essay. But, there are few simple rules and tips to do it, and we are going to discuss them here. You should know that most essays take some kind of representative form. Some people call this point a "hamburger essay".

What does it mean? It means that the introduction and conclusion part are actually very similar (as a bun of the hamburger). And the main middle part is the interest and most important one. You should think about that comparison when writing your essay.

We are going to discuss some average difficulty work with 30 minutes of required time.

Main steps

  1. First of all you need to select a topic of your future essay.
  2. Think on the central idea and a message. Choose a thesis of your essay. 
  3. Do the outline with introductory, body and summary paragraphs.
  4. You should begin your introduction part with some interesting sentence. Write down some interesting and maybe shocking fact about your topic. Also, you can give some statistic information or a quote from a famous person. Some rhetorical question is also a good idea.
  5. Then you should tell about your thesis statement. It is your outlining of what you are going to talk about in the essay.
  6. You should use one interesting question to introduce a paragraph to follow. This will develop later in your body paragraphs and will provide your essay structure.
  7. Try to finish your introduction not so simple. Give some short summary or goal statement.
  8. You should do two or three body paragraphs for typical essay.
  9. You should develop your ideas from the introduction part in your body paragraphs. Don’t forget to follow your structure.
  10. Detailed information and examples are a must. This will develop your body paragraphs.
  11. Your body paragraphs should develop a central idea.
  12. You should finish your body part with some summary of the central idea. Try to bring at least two examples in each body paragraph to support the main thesis.
  13. You should consider your summary paragraph like a reverse of the introductory paragraph.
  14. It is right to begin summary paragraph with some restating of the principal ideas.
  15. You should do the penultimate sentence to restate your main idea of the essay.
  16. You may end your essay with some future prediction. You can base the last statement on what you have shown in the essay.


You should use strong verbs. Also, try to avoid models to state your opinion.

Never apologize for your words and statements. It is your opinion, and there can’t be any doubt about it.

If you are using not your mother tongue, you should not translate from it. This is the trouble.

You will need a good computer (or Typewriter), a dictionary and a thesaurus to do your best. 

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