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What is Little house of science kids franchise?

What is Little House of Science?

Little House of Science is a way for children of all ages to experience the joys of science in a hands-on, experiment based learning environment. Through the collaborative work of three women (Veronika Covington, Liliana Crachilova, and Elisabeth Keck), Little House of Science was born. Each of the women shared a common idea for the concept: Bring the world around them into an easy and fun method to teach kids. They wanted the children to take a class to learn, and leave with a new found inspiration and curiousness of the world that they live in.

How does it work?

Little House of Science works like a classroom. You choose a lesson, based on what your child wishes to learn about. Topics include biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and math’s. Each of these topics is broken down into individual lessons. From learning about the human heart, to astronaut training to the water cycle, there is a large diversity among the topics that kids can choose. Once you pick a workshop, you attend at one of several locations in London.

At these workshops, the children are introduced to the topic with a presentation and a group discussion of the subject. The leaders of the workshop will often demonstrate the project of that lesson, and then send off the children to do it themselves. The goal of the lesson, besides to have fun, is to encourage the children to ask questions and investigate the material, as well as learn the terminology as applied scientifically. Through this, they learn how to properly apply problem-solving skills.

Little House of Science works towards opening up the curious mind of children to more than the television and simple, regurgitation-based learning models. Instead of teaching children how to solve a problem and then making them keep solving that problem over and over, the goal is to get them interested in learning on their own and coming up with their own conclusions through questions that they’ve asked.

What else can they offer?

Little House of Science also offers tutoring for chemistry, physics, biology, and math. These teachers are highly qualified and passionate about the sciences, and help tailor tutoring to the individual students to help them grow and learn in the most effective way possible.

As well as tutoring, they also offer the Little House of Science Maths club to schools and nurseries. This way, you can help bring the knowledge to you and your class or nursery. They tailor their program to the children, and provide all materials needed. Offered weekly, it delivers the interactive, educational, and enjoyable workshop to all children.

Little House of Science is a step in leading children to learn about the world around them, and enjoy asking the questions “Why” and “How”, instead of just being told. It will help give children a motivation and drive to seek to learn, and gives them the pleasure of making discoveries and getting the hands on stimulation that they need.

Little house of science also provides an opportunity for people to open up their own Little house of science school by joining their Little house of science education franchise.  With this franchise you can now do weekly project based school science workshops for kids between the ages of three and eleven.

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