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Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You Money

Saving money is always a good idea, and there are lots of ways to do it you probably haven't thought about. Here are some great tips to help you get started.

It is never a bad thing to save money, whether it is to save for something big like a house or a holiday, or just to have there for emergencies like a bad MOT or the washing machine breaking.

The problem is, although there are things that will affect how much money you earn, like your career and outgoings you absolutely cannot change, you do have some control over your spending, in fact you probably have a lot more control over how much money you could save than you realise. And once you do realise this then you could find you no longer need to rely on credit cards or short term loans like guarantor loans or provident loans to manage each month.

Here are some easy lifestyle changes that will save you money:

Treating Bill Cutting Like A Job

A lot of people will spend some time getting a good deal on their bills, but then they will forget about their providers for years, without even checking price increases or deals elsewhere. This is a mistake. If you treat your bill cutting like it is a job, perhaps taking one day every few months to check you are getting a good deal, you could save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Buying What You Need Not What You Want

There is a huge difference in what you need and what you want. Being frugal means knowing that you don't need the more expensive car, or the extra pair of shoes. Buying a perfectly good second hand laptop, instead of a brand new one just because you want it. Millionaires and billionaires are frugal and they set a great example of what can happen when you are careful with your money.

Ensuring You Never Pay Late

Millionaires never pay late fees because they would never pay out money on something they don't need to pay for. Keep a tab on all your finances to ensure you are never caught out on charges for paying late or going over an overdraught. This is money you will only lose through lack of organisation.

Getting Into Cooking

This sounds silly but, so many people eat out and pay through the nose for it when they could make equally delicious and probably healthier food at home. Why not start an Instagram account and start taking pictures of the process so learning cookery becomes a hobby. You will have some fun social media interaction, a network of people for tips, and you will save money by cooking at home. This should also help you make some delicious work lunches helping you to avoid paying out for expensive sandwiches in the nearby coffee shop or cafe.


Budgeting is a great idea because it stops you overspending. Try and combine budgeting with financial goals so you know why you are budgeting certain things.

Make your goals as big or as small as you want, the point is having goals in the first place, which really does help you avoid spending money you know could help you achieve your financial goals long term.

Good Luck!

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