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How to use different types of content to improve your writing skills

Greatest benefit of having a new job is learning new things.

Even though two tasks may be similar in nature, they can teach you completely different lessons. This is especially common for content creation and writing jobs.

First of all, I have to mention that this post is mainly concerned with commercial writing not creative writing. In other words, I am placing focus on things such as conversion and profit instead of artistic style.

One of the best ways of making this improvement is by writing different stuff. Although you may not realize it, there are a lot you can learn by doing that as there are always small differences between different forms.

Let’s check various content types and how they can improve your marketing writing skills.

Persuasive essay

Essays are common for schools and colleges.

When you create this type of content you are not only mentioning facts about a topic; you are also trying to persuade audience and your professor that you’re right.

Creating persuasive essay is usually the first and most important lesson for any commercial copywriter whether he works for a marketing department or an SEO agency.  This is a nice guide with 18 persuasive essay topics with examples.

As the name suggests, when creating this form, you are trying to persuade people that you are right. This is very important for marketing as every marketer wishes to persuade its audience that his product is the best. Here, the best tool at our disposal are facts which are then molded into something that will bring us profit.

It is a slight manipulation that is necessary for any commercial piece.

Casual blog posts

In this case the emphasis is on “casual”.

Blog posts are an ideal form for marketing as they give you enough space to promote company still they do not require too much time. They also allow you some writing liberties and relaxed form.

Casual blog forms are good for grinding. You can discuss almost anything you want and it will give you the necessary experience when you finally decide to dive into commercial content. They are great for versatility as they are bound to increase your vocabulary and help you tackle various topics.

Now, if you’re simply writing some random stuff you probably won’t learn much about SEO. But, if you have the opportunity you should definitely learn some basics about optimization. They will help you if you start doing internet marketing. 


By now you probably have basis and have learned how to create compelling stuff. But what you need is the ability to attract sales.

This can be done with impactful sentences or one-liners.

One-liners are the best way to make an impact. These sentences can be regarded as strong statements or something that makes potential buyer more inclined to try your product or service. Content needs to be like a rollercoaster: it needs to be exhilarating and to create an emotional response.

Have in mind that most people base their purchase on emotional side and how they feel about something. It has nothing to do with rational. So if you succeed in making a person emotional you can exponentially increase your sales.


Every type of content you create will help you. They are very similar and yet so different. If you wish to make this your profession you should learn about different techniques and approaches. Only then can you call yourself an expert. Hopefully, this article will help you do just that.

How many types of content have you created? What have you learned along the way? Share it in the comment section below!

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