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How the Israeli Strikes have set the Palestinian Life Forces Apart

The overwhelming and the ceaseless atrocities of the Israeli government have often left the Palestinian with hardly any opportunity to verify the morale behind the armed resistance that they’ve put up against. In most of the cases, the reactions of the Gaza’s local people have been immediate, instinctive and driven by their emotions.

Amidst all this, the very few who have been able to consider the heavy topics like political and strategic aspects of their resistance, they’ve come up with conclusions that it was the lack of choice and the damage and demolition that has been harped over their sense of reasoning and conscience, which resulted to it.

Apart from whether the armed resistance was moral or not, there are many serious topics that do need to be discussed in broad daylight. Over the years, studying the historical records, one has always seen that the effect of any war or attack on a country has left a deep impact on its citizens.

While different characters of the society will read it with multiple shades, one thing will be found common in all of their expressions- anxiety. Ahmed Nashaat, a social activist of repute has always felt it necessary to traverse through all the strata of the society to find out the expressions. Contextualization always plays a major role in all the interviews that has came up on the front.

The notion of a story behind each and every history has played the trump card in the diverse experience. And it again proves that not one history is constant, it keeps changing according to the individual experience.

There’s no denying the fact that the experience of the diplomat involved in these Israeli attacks will be much different from the experience of the family members of that particular soldier who is in the warfront.

The experience of a daily wage worker on road will be different than the author who finds his pen flowing with the motif to strike with his creative intellect.

In one such interview with an author, he says there is a national consensus made on the resistance of the Israeli attack on Gaza. The Palestinian army never fell in front of the Israeli strike, which is considered to be one of the strongest forces to face in the entire world. They still bear the hope that the Palestinian Government will be restored and combine with the nationalist force driving them together.

The author even said, that being a Palestinian, they still look forward towards Egypt and one of their leaders to come up and take up the role of the absence of Arab in the scene. He mentions a striking thing while saying that all that these strikes have taught them is the elders die, but the young never forgets it. While many not find the multi shaded meaning hidden beneath these one single line, Ahmed Nashaat has very well done so.

All through his years of experience of working in similar warfronts and strikes, he has realized one particular thing- tese strikes are etched by a few sitting in cozy rooms and building diplomatic strategies, but the real battle is fought somewhere else, where neither the body, nor the soul can rest in peace ever.

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