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Compensation for car accident injuries

Car accidents happen every day. Some cause minor injuries and some have catastrophic consequences. In Western Australia, as long as you are not entirely at fault, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation for car accidents.

In a typical car accident compensation claim, you are entitled to claim the following: income loss; travel expenses; pain and suffering; medical expenses; domestic assistance; and future losses.

How the compensation payout you are likely to receive is calculated is dependent on a range of factors. If you have made a car accident injury claim, the best way to get a compensation estimate is to contact a car accident injury lawyer in your local area.

When you are sitting in the office with a lawyer, they will ask you many questions about your injury, your income level, how the accident occurred and a range of questions related to you motor vehicle accident injury claim. It is in your best interest to be best prepared to answer their answers so that you can provide you with relevant assessment. At The end of the Q&A process, sometimes you will be given an estimate, and some time you won’t because your claim is too early on or your injury is not stabilised to establish a realistic assessment. If this is the case for you, don’t be disappointed.

This means you still have a chance to improve your claim, and it is vital important that you get the best injury compensation lawyer for your car accident injury claim so that they can help you to maximise the compensation payout.

For many people who have not worked with a personal injury lawyer have little idea about the difference from one lawyer to another lawyer. Thus, it gets difficult for them to pick a lawyer from others. There many attributes you can compare lawyers, the following a just a few common aspects you should look into:


Can the lawyer explain the complex legal process in plain English? This is very important qualification for a lawyer, because the lawyer needs to advice their client and take instruction from their client. If the lawyer can not communicate effectively with their client. It will have significant issues in the future claim process.


How experienced is your lawyer? Now, when we talked about experience, we mean relevant experience. You can have a personal injury lawyer has 30 years of experience, but majority of the experience could be in different areas of law and in a different jurisdiction.

Ask the lawyer how many years of experience they have in the specific area of law and in which jurisdiction. For a personal injury claim, it is the best to find a lawyer that have worked on different sides of the personal injury claims – i.e, plaintiff and the insurer side. So that you will have unique insight to help you to maximise compensation payout.

Legal Fees

Once you are happy with the communication and experience, the next important factor is legal fees. If you a looking for a No Win No Fee lawyer, it is important to ask for their fee agreement.

Not all no win no fee policies are the same. Some no win no fee policies come with a financial agreement and some don’t. If you are concerned, as the lawyer to explain to you how their fee structure works.

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