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Commercial Cleaning Safety Tips to Follow

On completion of construction or after renovations, a  commercial or industrial space needs post-construction clean-up. This is  impertinent, as serious health and safety concerns may arise if done  improperly. It must also be fast and efficient to avoid delays to starting a  business. However, good news is that there are companies ensuring the above  concerns and are addressed when they provide their best-in-class cleaning  services. 
Today, businesses seek rapid growth to survive in the  cut-throat market. Canada is no exception. In cities like Toronto, there is  impressively slick maintenance work, entailing the fast-paced construction of  offices and industries. A neat work environment offers workers positivity,  health and activeness. That factors in their optimal performance, which  ultimately increases the performance and reputation of the company. 

Hiring professional janitorial and cleaning services is  the best decision for post-construction maintenance. They carry skills,  experience and equipment, necessary for handling hazards like dust, debris and  construction materials while applying health and safety measures in their  processes. But at the end of the day, there’s always room for errors.

Safety Tips to Keep Handy, Always

    Keeping the above fact in mind, it is important for all  the professional cleaning staff to be well trained and practically thorough with important cleaning safety tips.  Some of them are listed below:

Avoiding Slips And Falls - The staff must be alert and equipped with the proper  gear to avoid falling and slipping. Rubber soled shoes with good traction are a  must. They should always look out for obstructions like furniture, bricks,  pipes, boxes etc. that are in the way of work. Similarly, they must not give  rise to trip hazard issues, by ensuring that they return their cleaning tools,  trash bags and supplies to the proper places.

Safety On Stairs -  Always use the hand rails while using the stairs. Again,  alertness is key here, as the staff must take care of obstacles on the stairs  which may cause trip hazards, like banana peels, paper pieces or liquid spills.  Broken hand rails should immediately be reported to the building supervisor.

Cleaning During Flu Season - Usage of gas masks, nose masks and rubber gloves are a  must. While their usage is a basic norm in any sort of cleaning, it becomes a  compulsion during cleaning times of a disease outbreak, when cleaning moist  areas like sinks and latrines.

Handling Chemicals -  This is a reason for thousands of chemical accidents every year. The staff  should wear rubber gloves and protective glasses while handling them. They must  read the labels on the bottles carefully and never end up mixing substances.  The storage area should be well ventilated. 

About Empire Capitol International

Empire Capitol International, is an Ontario, Canada-based leader in  cleaning and janitorial services. We have offered our “Licensed, Insured and  Bonded” quality of services to the Greater Toronto Area for more than 10 years,  to a pool of very satisfied customers.

While keeping our clients’ best  interests as top priority, we treat our staff with respect and take our  responsibilities very seriously. Please visit for more.

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