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How To Use iPad 2 | A New User’s Guide

So you just got an iPad 2 .  You got it synced with iTunes and you are staring at it with a ton of questions. You know that you want to use it and you’ve heard how others are using it but you don’t really know where to start.  This article is going to help you right now and give you some great resources and information for using your new iPad 2.

The iPad works great for the full range of multimedia and it beats the mobile competition when it comes to browsing the web, but where it really shines is in the wide range of apps available for free or for a small, nominal charge.

An app is nothing more than a small application that provides a unique set of functionality to its users. Some apps are stand-alone software while others tie into existing or complimentary websites. For example there are many apps that are small, fun games you can play which are self contained. There are also apps like the Facebook app which provides access to your account within the social networking giant’s website.

Here is the third generation of iPad – New iPad:

How To Use iPad 2

Getting Started Using Your iPad 2

Before we get into all the great ways to use your new iPad 2, we wanted to cover some of the basics.  Here are some things you might want to know to get started:

iCloud Features:

iOS 5 Features:

New iPad 2 | How To Use iPad 2

iPad 2 Photos & Video

After you have the iPad 2 set up and synced with iTunes you are probably wanting to sync your photos. Since the iPad is perfect for viewing photos this is usually what people want to do next.  Here are some great resources for syncing your photos to your new iPad.  Also, these resources include some really good apps for editing photos:

Reading Books

This should get you and your new iPad 2 all set with Photos. The next thing you will want to know more about is reading books.  The iPad comes with the iBooks app and you can use it to read PDF’s or buy books.  You can also get other reading apps such as the following:

If you stick with the iBooks app here is how to use it and what it can do:

This should get you to the point where you can read both e-books and PDF’s as well as understand the basics of using iBooks.

AirPrint & AirPlay

You may have heard that the iPad 2 can print wirelessly and also play movies and TV Shows on your TV if you have an Apple TV.  But what does all that mean?  Here’s how to take advantage of these great features you don’t want to miss:

iPad 2 Basics You Want To Know About

Here are some great resources for how to use your new iPad. These are those little things that can make a big difference when you really aren’t sure how something is done:

Syncing & Backing Up Your iPad

Using your new iPad means you will want to sync it with iTunes and back it up so your apps and information are safe in case you lose it, or it has a serious malfunction.  Here is how to sync and backup your iPad:

Using Game Center

One of the features of your iPad is Game Center. It’s an app that gives you the ability to play iPad games with other online users.  It’s a great way to play cards or other interactive games and here are some resources for using Game Center:

Getting Files On Your iPad 2

You will probably want to put some files on your iPad.  The best way to do this with a new iPad is to use iTunes .  Here’s a great resource for that:

Getting Help With Your New iPad 2

It happens.  You will inevitably run into issues and need to troubleshoot your iPad for various reasons.  Here are some resources for getting help and fixing common iPad issues.  We have included our iPad help section of TCGeeks which is loaded with great articles to help you get unstuck:

Beyond The Basics

How to use iPad 2.  What about Calendars and Gmail and all of the other things you might want to explore using your new iPad?  Not a problem at all, here are some resources for using your iPad that are a little beyond the basics but very helpful:

iPad 2 For Business

You may have got a new iPad 2 for both personal use and business use.  If you want to use your iPad for business then we have an entire section set up for just that purpose.  Here are some resources:

You might also want to get some iPad Accessories such as a case or and iPad stand or even some iPad Speakers .   Here’s our iPad Accessory store that has a ton of great items from iPad cases to stands.

iPad 2 Apps

Last but not least you wanna know all about some great iPad apps.  This is the best part of how to use your iPad 2 .  We have some resources here that you can use for just that.  Explore these resources for awhile and then try out some of the apps to see which one fits your new iPad the best:

iPad 2 User Manual

If you are looking for the official Apple iPad 2 user manual then you can find the latest guide for iOS 4.3 by clicking here  or you can learn more the new iOS 5 features here .

So that is how to use your iPad 2.  Start with the basics and then move on to the various areas mentioned above and use the resources.  You will know how to use your iPad like a pro in no time at all.  Come back here each day to TCGeeks and learn even more about how to use the iPad.  If you have any questions or run into problems, never hesitate to leave a comment on any of our articles and we will respond.

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