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How to Stop a Parrot From Chewing His Feathers

No matter what animal you are raising, there are different issues that arise, ranging from house breaking to staying off the furniture. When caring for parrots (and many other breeds of birds) you may see your bird chewing and pulling out his or her feathers. Although there is no one cause behind your bird's action, there are several fixes to cure the parrot's habit. It is going to take some trial and error to determine which method will work best for your pet and why exactly your parrot is pulling out its feathers.Sped Time with Your ParrotSpend time with your pet. Many birds (not just parrots) begin chewing and pulling out their feathers when their owners do not spend time interacting with them. This holds true for other animals, as neglected pets (or pets that feel neglected) often become bored and pull out their fur/features. Keeping the pet entertained is going to help ensure your pet does not pull out its feathers.Change Parrots' FoodChange your pet's food. Parrots sometimes pull out their feathers when they are not receiving enough vitamins and minerals. A diet switch may correct this. Compare the vitamin information on your current bird feed with others available. Finding an improved vitamin enriched food is going to prove incredibly beneficial.Play With Your ParrotGive your parrot more toys. If the pet lacks toys he can become bored and begin chewing and pulling out his feathers. This ranges from additional balls to step ladders. Simply giving your pet more areas to perch and stand is going to help keep it entertained.2 Parrots are Better than 1Offer your feathered friend a partner. Some animals live happier and longer lives when they have a companion. The second parrot may help prevent your current pet from removing her feathers as they can interact with one another. If you don’t want to purchase an entirely new bird you do have the option of placing a mirror in your bird’s cage. Parrots enjoy looking at themselves in a mirror and, although it does not actually replace interacting with other animals it does, in some shape or form, help the pet become more sociable (similar to some humans when they stand around themselves in a mirror).Although spending additional time with your pet is always the best option for helping prevent the removal of feathers, there are several other methods available if you just don’t have the time. These are inexpensive methods that are going to not only reduce the amount of feathers pulled out from your pet but also extend the length and quality of life of your parrot.

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