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RedGage Bugs on the Rise

RedGage By Joining you we have entrusted our Reputation with You!

Fixing RedGage errors and bugs is the need of the hour. These bugs and errors have been occurring past few days with site not able to load, not able to upload stuff, tabs working wrongly and many more. Also I tried sending bug reports to RG but am not sure if they reached them or not as the site continue to show a lack of stability. In order to help RG I made this blog so that we can reach RG as comment section is also not functioning properly, sometime it works and sometime it’s not. So without wasting much time here is the list of bugs occurred so far:


  1.  Site not able to load: Either shows "No data received" or "500 ningx internal server error"
  2. Login authorization happens only after clicking the confirm button several times. Sometimes it doesn't even show confirm.
  3. If a tab or link is opened in new tab it shows the same errors as "Site not able to load" and sometimes by chance if it comes, then it redirects back to home page with status as logged out.
  4. Upon uploading anything the site gets redirected to homepage with status logged out.
  5. Comments: Not able to comment as it again gets redirected to old page and sometimes it shows you need to login to comment even though your status is still logged in.
  6. Making friends: Shows user status as add friend even though the user is already a friend and if someone unknowingly clicks it, it shows friend removed. Also on clicking add friends on other user profiles who are not friends it shows the message you need to login to add the user. Sometimes the add friend button keeps loading and gets logged out.
  7. Tabs not working: Tabs don't work instead they always redirect to main page or no data received and more often send to other unknown pages. Except the Upload button every other tab is messed up and that to upload also happens after 4-5 tries.
  8. The Blog font functions seem to working abnormally except when you copy paste from word file manually.
  9. Also the edit button for editing redirects to upload window. 

New Bugs


  1. Contents, links, blogs, photos and whatever is present on RedGage showing a "Nothing to Display" message when redirected to the respective content. Also the message get's displayed on homepage. This bug is a serious bug as visitors tend to think that content is not available and was probably a spam. Also they won't get the idea of reloading the page.
  2. On clicking links to blogs, photos, links etc it get's redirected to an emptied page showing "Couldn't find .html" and won't even show any response upon clicking the links again and again.

As RG faces all these errors the backlinks obviously would suffer a setback as viewers will be frustrated to waste their time for nothing. Dear RG users if I left any bugs unturned then please try commenting or sending me a message so that I can put up that point too or you can also record a screencast of your bugs too just like I did it here

I sincerely apologize to RG team if these bugs were only faced by me and not by anybody else. I humbly request to fix these issues as soon as possible. If you have to take drastic measures such as getting the site down for a few days to fix the problem then we are still okay with it as we want a comfortable RG experience.

Thanking you


"I won't mind site going down for sometime to fix these bugs, as in the current world of fast Internet slow buggy sites just endup at deadends"



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