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How to get rid of 404 errors on your RedGage links

Well If you have seeing these 404 errors on your RG links then here is a way to fix them. Old RG used to use two type of html addresses for a particular type of title. These two addresses only differed by a " - " for titles that contained a hypen " ' " . If you are not getting on what I am trying to say then this example will help in making my point clear.


 One of the broken links example is given below: 

Previous link

Now shows a 404 error

However if you change the url address of "fathers" to "father-s" you ’ll be redirected to new site.


New link


Now redirects to new RG.

So all you have to do is look for hypen signs present in your link addresses and replace them with a dash to redirect to new RG.

Hope this will help solve the 404 errors and btw shortlinks work irrespective of address cchanges.


Happy RGing ! :)


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