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Are you still searching for a great site which can provide free hosting for your website ? Site where you can move and place your stuffs, contents and gadgets anywhere you want ? A site which has an easy, drag & drop interface to create your own website? Well these things look good in dreams but in reality, is it possible? Haa okay enough of this suspense! Yes it's possible !
Okay I am going to change your online earnings to an extent that you'll start cursing your past online spent time on blogging on blogger , wordpress,etc ,thinking your hard work will ultimately pay off and some day Google ad sense will knock at your door and accept you into their program. If you are already accepted into ad sense then even better as you will earn even more. :)
Well the site I am talking about is Weebly which is free, powerful, and professional and on top of that it earns you money ! Yes real money! :D
To start building your site with weebly use the this referral link ,which is a special referral link and allows the signer to earn $10 on publication of their website. Signing without a referral won't earn you any money however you can still earn the royalties.
On signing up your website will be registered for a free sub-domain under Weebly that is which you can later buy for $50 for a permanent lifetime domain that is your site becomes This $50 however gets reduced as weebly provides gift coupons of 33% to your account which you can redeem while buying your own domain. So now the total price becomes ($50 - $50x30/100 -$10 = $25) Pretty cool right! You need not buy the domain right now. Just wait for your Bubblews next redeem or whenever you want to buy and just purchase it. But I suggest buying it only after a few months (around 4-5 months ) which will boost your professional font instantly. :) Also on joining with this referral you get a month of Weebly pro that is more free features to try. 
The only difference between a free site (sub-domain) and Purchased ( own Domain ) domain is the latter gets to have more additional features. Pretty cool right ! :)
Building your site is very easy and in fact you can make it within a few hours without having any knowledge about html. Take your time in building your website. Make sure all pages are filled with rich contents so that they can get indexed in Google search. After your site is complete ==> Push that publish button to drive your site for first release, we call it the beta stage of your website. Test it and keep making changes with feedback from webmasters and Analytics. After your site has earned up to 10,000 views (People usually get it within 30-60 days :) )signup for Ad sense and Weebly affiliate's. You'll be amazed that you'll be approved immediately within 24 hrs of applying and if your site wasn't ready and you applied for it then it will tell you what your site lacked unlike the normal ad sense dissaprovals. Work on your faults and weak areas of your site and apply again to get accepted. Weebly affiliate's however approve every offer so you get approved for Weebly affiliates quite nicely. After getting approved they will send you ad codes which you need to put on your most visited pages of your site and for every fruitful visit they will pay you. Also when people get accepted for both Ad sense and Weebly affiliates they get a royalty of $100 every month. :)
If you are too lazy or too busy in building your website and want someone to build your website then email me at with your email Id and password which you used to register for weebly along with the following details:
Your Site Name : plus add a few alternate names in case they are not available
Site Category: 
Matter which you want to post (Your blogs or anything)
If you thing deciding on your website theme is quite tough then simply send me your site name and I will create a website for your RedGage posts so that you earn on RedGage via the views and likes that you get from your website.
Your sites will get ready by weeks end from the time of their order or probably depending upon how busy I am! :)
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