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Girl Dies in Bathtub Twittering and More

Ok I was just checkin out my site i go to and then i also pulled up twitter where they had posted on there twitter page about a girl dying in her bathtub while twittering on twitter. I mean wow computers are still electric so who would even think it would be ok to be online or even just on the computer while wet and in the bathtub. Then also they were talking about this other pic not sure if they died but its got red flags all around it and somehow think it will eventually backfire on them. The pic is below and about the girl that died recently the links are below as well. I'm curious what everyone else thinks and I'm not talkin about the girl bein on twitter because really theirs no even point in talking about that cuz she could've been on gather yet still get electrocuted.

Tell me this ain't dangerous

17-Year-Old Girl Dies Electrocuted While Twittering
the info about her... just go to the mds link and read what others say as well..

and the link to news
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