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benefits of the tomato

The biggest advantage attached to the proponents of Ausgeizens of tomatoes, lies in the subsequent crop. Many small shoots may bear much fruit also, but the plant needs for its entire energy to supply these innumerable branches. As a result, the fruit is too short. She is growing, but reaches only a small thickness.

Also, the maturation process of the tomato fruit is impaired. Thus, tomato plants do not ausgegeizter not fully fit, relatively small and often immature. Accordingly, the side shoots an essential guarantee for the future harvest success.

Correctly ausgegeizte tomato shoots can be used to turn tomato sticks. By putting this engine in a tomato tray, where it must be embedded in absorbent material. Paper towels or commercial cotton are suitable. Now you have to worry about for several days that the wrapped tomatoes shoots are always kept moist.

They then formed their own roots and can be planted in a pot with potting soil. Thus, find out the new shoots ausgegeizten tomato vines in the garden of their home.

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