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Tips for writing good science fiction (faction) for children part one

By Jean E. Lane          Author of the “Lill and Mewe” series
 Tip 1: Find a General Topic

Find a science topic that you are comfortable with and research that topic. All good science fiction begins with fact. Although you are writing beyond what we already know, you must still be believable. 
There are many online sources and magazines where you can gather your tidbits of information. Write down anything you find interesting that you can weave into your story. I like to keep a ‘source’ file. Before long you’ll find a favorite “go to” place for your information, but never use just one source. 
Know your target audience to whom you are writing and gear your information to that level. It’s okay to use those bigger words, sometimes you will need to do just that. Start brainstorming with your ideas, just let the ideas flow, write a paragraph or a page and see which direction your ideas take you. Let your own personality enter into the writing equation. Save your source information, you’ll need to do a bibliography later for your book. 
About Jean E. Lane
Jean grew up in the once active steel town of Youngstown, Ohio. Since then, she has moved to the Orlando,
Florida area and considers this her home. Shortly afterwards, she met and later married her husband Ken; now they have a home just northwest of Orlando.

She studied Journalism at Writers Institute and Finance at Penn State. Most of her life included working in Accounting and Purchasing. Although she liked working with numbers, she knew she had an aptitude for writing at an early age. Jean had poems published in Seacoast Life Magazine, Wide Open Magazine, and was a poetic contributor to The Copy Desk Flash, a school newspaper. Later she signed a contract with Creative Directions as a free-lance writer of verse for greeting cards.

It was her love of science and science fiction that prompted her to write her first children’s novel, “Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars”, the first of her series. Her inspiration came with the birth of her niece Lily and shortly afterwards a nephew, Andrew. As with all children, she wanted them to enjoy reading…and there’s nothing like a good adventure.

About Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars
Book One of the Lill and Mewe Series
The year is 2456MD, (Mars Date) however the story events are happening in present times. The Martians track time a little differently than us Earthlings. To the average eye, the planet Mars seems dead, uninviting, dusty, and void of water. I say life did exist there at one time, and stil does; we just haven’t stratched the surface yet. Maybe there’s a lot more happening than we can imagine, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist right?

The secrets beneath the surface could tell another story. The story of Lill and Mewe, as told by Lill herself of how she feels about the lost history of Mars, her current life, and the great strides the Martians have made to recapture the advanced intelligence and technology of their past. It’s all about the role they play in our solar system and how they feel about us Earthlings. Are we even worth talking to? What could they possibly learn from us? Maybe we have more to learn from them, but are we willing to open our minds?

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