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Cost effective ways to grow your business

Expansion delivers new markets

Although there are several tried and tested methods of increasing your market share, expanding your business to exciting new locations has to be on the top of your to do list.

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The trick is to be as competitive as possible and this typically entails keeping your costs in check. Increasing prices in today’s recessionary climate is simply not an option. You’ll need to think out of the box to set up a new branch that is competitive, cost effective and efficient.

In short, you’ll have to keep a lid on escalating costs. There a couple of ways you can achieve a lean operation without compromising on the quality of your product or service.


Your suppliers are probably feeling the pinch of the global recession. Don’t simply accept the existing prices and terms and conditions. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate again so that you are absolutely certain you’re getting the best deal available. If your suppliers don’t want to meet you half way, give them the boot as there are plenty of hungry competitors out there who will!

Find flexible business premises


Don’t throw caution to the wind and tie yourself into prolonged and super expensive real estate contracts. The best self storage companies in South Africa’s biggest cities offer flexible office solutions in the form of low cost office rentals that are tailored to your individual business requirements. This means you are only ever paying for the office space you require.

There are countless advantages to using these new generation business facilities or flexi-offices , some of which are:

•    no punitive set up costs
•    no long leases
•    flexible choice of office size
•    availability of additional meeting and conference rooms at hourly rates
•    high end security 24/7
•    secure parking

Migrate to the internet

The World Wide Web provides endless marketing opportunities that don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s essential you expose your branding to the millions upon millions of global internet users by setting up a company website. Build a network by signing up at social and business networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – it costs nothing and the returns are incalculable!

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