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Beautiful Asymmetrical Faces of Celebrities

Celebrities with facial asymmetry but who are considered attractive

Here we  take a look at some of the popular faces with facial asymmetry.Racheal Leigh Cook
Jaw higher on the left side.Rachel Leigh Cook Asymmetric FaceNaomi Watts
Naomi Watts crooked faceShannen DohertyLeft eye higher.Shannen  doherty faceOwen WilsonMessed up nose.Owen Wilson faceMilo VentimigliaFamous actor wit crooked mouth since birth.Milo asymmetric smile Paris HiltonSocialite and TV personality with lazy hilton faceMarisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei asymettrical faceZach Braff
Zach Braff face asymmetryAshley Greene
Ashley Greene asymmetrical faceAlana De La GarzaAsymmetric smile
Alana de la garza asymmetryMichelle Monaghan
Facial asymmetryNow some faces with very good symmetry:

symmetrical face celebritygood facial symmetryperfect symmetrical face jennifer lopezcharlize theron face symmetrical“Studies have shown that facial symmetry is one of the best observational indicators of good genes and healthy development and that these traits are what we mean when we say someone is attractive.” Says a website.So is symmetry everything?Well, I don’t think so. It may make a given face more attractive on a computer but its not the only thing that makes someone beautiful. Scientists have been able to prove that it is the most factor is beauty and that’s because its the only thing that can be measured by the computer unlike clear complexion, beautiful eyes, smile etcYou take an average face with a huge nose, small eyes and small lips and make it symmetrical. The face will be easy on the eyes but it wouldn’t be considered beautiful or gorgeous. On the other hand take deep set bright blue eyes, full lips, clear bronze complexion, you add a crooked nose but the face would still be considered more attractive than average.Symmetry plays a role in models where the facial features are already attractive. Symmetry just gives an edge over other faces. But in the real world it doesn’t play much of a role. When you look at someone you look at their pretty eyes, lips, smile, complexion, hair and other things. Very few people are so asymmetric that they are unappealing to the eyes. Minor asymmetry is present in every face and our eyes have learnt to overlook them.symmetrical ugly faceSo I would say symmetry is like a cherry on top of a cake. If there’s no cake, there’s no point of having the cherry. Beautiful facial features make a face attractive. Symmetry only makes it more pleasing to the eye.Here’s a woman with perfect symmetry but do you find her attractive (according to scientists you should):
Image source
What do you feel? Is symmetry as important as it is made out to be by scientist?

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