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Being a parent grandparent

Raising my 2 kids, I did alone, no help from dad. I did my best, made sure they had all they needed. When they got of age, out of school, out of house. I felt relief. I finally have my life to myself. Do what I wanted. That's when I met my 2nd husband.  He's a good guy, makes good money. We had plans, places we wanted to go, to see, to visit. 

Then came my daughter,  homeless and pregnant at 19. She had been on the street for her first 7 months of pregnancy.  We took her in, fed, clothed, housed.  Everything you do for a child. Move down 5 yrs. She now has 2 daughters,  3 and 5 yrs old. Had her own apt, own car. But the very wrong friends. She got heavily into meth. Chose her friends, drug dealing BF and her fun over her kids.

So yup, you guessed it, I am officially the mother grandmother of 2 girls. Don't get me wrong, I love them to pieces, but my life, my freedom, my plans have all been thrown out the window. I have been pushed back 30 years to raising more kids! And yes, I'm angry, I'm pissed. My daughter gets to eat when she wants, go to bed when she wants, get up when she wants, go wherever she wants. I have to plan meals, time, trips to grocery store around 2 kids I didn't give birth to. So here I am trying to juggle 2 kids and a husband of only 5 yrs.

It's a lot on him financially,  he's the sole provider, as I can't fully work due to an injury. I cry to myself quite often. I let no one see. Do my best to help these girls as I'm drowning.

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