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Professor Klaus Schwab Fraudulent Email
date Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 7:41 PM
subject Congratulations!!! (File No: Wefp-0110)
hide detailsMar 18 (9 days ago)

Congratulations!!!  (File No: Wefp-0110)

We are pleased to announce to you that the European
Union,Imf,Ecb,WorldBank,Africa Union,Greek Tourist Board, United Nation now
offers 500,000 Euros bonanza to all the European country nations/Asia/Middle
East/central,North,South America/Africa,New Zealand,Australia (Citizens
only)each to fight away the Economic Problem in the globe. Contact  agent
officer for fund directives.

Agent Chancellor
Tell: 447011173417

Provide details below for fund directives

Below: It?s the conference meeting when the world leaders assigned to amend
this bonanza into law to services the needs of the citizens 2010
index.htm)This is not a lottery offer or any fishing source to get money on-
line but only a bonanza to help service and fight back the economic down turn.

All respond should go to the chancellor private email
( )for claims

Professor.Klaus Schwab,
Executive Chairman Director,
World Economic Forum,
Belgium & Zürich Office Davos Switzerland.


This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.


These fraudulent messages crop up in your inbox frequently. They can be annoying, but they often provide some interesting entertainment when you see how people attempt to fleece your money from you. You can report fraud emails to the following address: ; the FBI’s internet crime center is most interested in those crimes that result from someone actually being victimized by having their money stolen.

The key, however, is awareness. If you receive a similar fraudulent email, please submit this message (including sender data) to This way, you can expose the sender to the world and help prevent others from being taken advantage of.

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