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Daniel Asiedu Fraudulent Email

fromDaniel Asiedu<>
date Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 4:43 AM
subject Dear
hide details4:43 AM (9 hours ago)


Thanks for your urgent response to my business proposal on skype.May almighty God bless you for understanding in this transaction.

Firstly I will let you know that this transaction will not implicate
you in future and no atom of fear on it,

Once more my name is Daniel Asiedu the Managing Director(ZENITH BANK PLC ACCRA GHANA) you can visit our executive web site . Concerning our late customer he is a (construction Engineer) he have house in Accra Ghana here that is why i said any question from the lawyer or bank through your e-mail please let me know before you will respond.

First step is to hire s lawyer for the assistance so that the bank will not use delay status for you along the transaction and immediately you contact the lawyer you will let him know that you want to claim your cousin money in the ZENITH BANK PLC ACCRA GHANA. The lawyer in question is good and specializes in such cases. He is also a registered attorney with the Bank of Ghana which is the bank that will handle the transfer of the funds out of my country to your bank account. As far as my bank is concern, I will be in control, I believe that God has answered our prayers by creating this opportunity and please remember to treat this transaction with utmost confidentiality.

Am giving you 100% assurance any document the Barrister request from you i will provide it out.

Secondly i don't want the bank to use delay status for you that is why you have to hire lawyer on your behalf to represent you in the bank, I will advice you to tell the lawyer that you are going to open a new foreign account in our bank first for easy transfer of the fund to your bank account, So that my bank will know you as new customer and the beneficiary to our late customer so they will give you full respect to fasten the transfer of your funds to your account.

Thanks and God bless your family.

Note: I attached the

1. My bank id card.
2. Deposit Slip.
3.Statement of Account
4. Death Certificate

More in need your urgent respond so that i will send you text of application with lawyer contact which you fill and send to the lawyer for start transaction.

I Anticipate your quick response to my alternative private email address ;

Best Regard

Mr.Daniel Asiedu



These fraudulent messages crop up in your inbox frequently. They can be annoying, but they often provide some interesting entertainment when you see how people attempt to fleece your money from you. You can report fraud emails to the following address: ; the FBI’s internet crime center is most interested in those crimes that result from someone actually being victimized by having their money stolen.

The key, however, is awareness. If you receive a similar fraudulent email, please submit this message (including sender data) to This way, you can expose the sender to the world and help prevent others from being taken advantage of.

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