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Shadow People

I truly don’t recall the exact year these friends appeared. In fact let me just state this fact right now: I have no concept of “time” as in… when something happened – how old I am (need a calculator to figure it out exactly) – how old other people appear to me. Obviously I know what the Hours/Minutes are each day since I have clocks that tell me that (whew). I also have no concept of North/South/East/West – it’s either “that” way or “this” way :0). I have always been that way and trust me, it’s frustrating at best. If you want me to remember your birthday then you better send me a reminder lol. Yes, I could write it down and have done so in the past, only to forget where I wrote it. One of my sisters gave me a little calendar one year as a present and in it she wrote down the birthdays of everyone in the family; however, ask me where that calendar is now? Uhh… Clueless :).
    So here is the scoop… I was spending the night at my cousin Steffies’ house and we always slept in the same bed. As was our habit, we would lay there in the dark – talk – giggle – you know, the basic kid stuff when you’re at a sleepover.  The only light in her room was coming in from the streetlights outside. So we could see a little bit but not much. Wow just sharing this with you, the memory is still so vivid in my mind’s eye that it’s like I’m there – right now at this very moment….  Anyway, we were both laying on our backs when Steffie all of a sudden turns on her side a whispers in my ear “do you see the people coming out of the corners in the ceiling?”, I turn my head to look at each and every corner of the room very carefully and all I see is just, well the shadows created by the streetlights. I say to Steffie “no” and she responds “those are the shadow people”. That’s it, that’s all she said and then turns over on her other side and promptly falls asleep.
    Uhh do you think that I was able to sleep after that statement? The answer is “heck No” lol… I lay awake most of the night with the covers pulled up past my nose so that only my eyes and the top of my head were visible. Someone had to keep their eyes on the “shadow people”. That night I never saw “them” but I believe that what Steffie said somehow allowed me to open the doors to my Gift(s). I was so acutely in tune with the sights, sounds and my feelings of what was going on around me, that my consciousness was raised to another level entirely. 

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